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Quote: Originally Posted by Emmeline II Do you have links for this as well? If there are truly a number with complications I wonder about the living conditions and medical care; measles is easily treated. You're questioning the living conditions and medical care in Switzerland? :
Quote: Originally Posted by tammyswanson I was reading the article in the city paper about old houses in Pgh, and how toilets in the basement were common. The people were so poor that they only had one sink (in the kitchen). They said rich people only had indoor plumbing so they didn't have to smell their own effluence (not affluence, of course). It was not anything to do with cleanliness, rich people just didn't want to have to go outside to do their...
Hm, except making them clean it as much as they can I'm not sure what else you could do. Maybe put much much smaller portions onto their plates so there's nothing to throw?
Quote: Originally Posted by sojourn like any other liquid-you pool it into a central sphere of wetyuck and then pick up and then remove. You can also solidify it w/various sandy items or just, if outside, bury it w/pine needles and such. I'm guessing this was inside and was quite gross? You can't really make a pine mound in your living room, now can you? I'm not scooping anything, we don't have a dog So you kind of scrape with the bag to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs.Bufford So. Who else holds their poo till they get home? Or holds it till company leaves? Can you go if your DH is say, in the shower or shaving in the same room? In the same room? ewwwwwww..................:
Quote: Originally Posted by mamalisa I don't. I just hope no one from my apartment complex sees me leave it (because I'd get a ticket). But really, how would you clean it up? I don't know!
Quote: Originally Posted by sojourn Your question begs questions, though, just so you know. It does? I just had a talk with my husband and daughter about pets, she wants a dog. Now that means she'd have to scoop. But how do you scoop when the dog has, well, liquid poop?
Do you at all? Is there something only insiders know? We don't have a dog, so please do tell
You could use EMLA cream before the blood draw.
Quote: Originally Posted by CanidFL 3. The type of play involved with these toys. I would rather my son play with wooden building blocks, wooden stacking toys, books, tents, outdoor toys, etc then the flashy loud plastic toys. When I think of plastic toys I think of toys that talk to you, play music, have flashing lights, etc. I don’t want to over stimulate him and I want him to use his brain and think about how to have fun. There are non...
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