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Quote: Originally Posted by LolaK But how would solids help when breastmilk has more fat and calories then purees do? So the baby isn't gaining weight lets sub in something with less fat and fewer calories and then the baby will gain weight? That doesn't make any sense to me at all. Better idea would be for the mom to increase her supply and nurse more. There is just as many calories a body can produce in a day, some people more than others.
I started offering at 6 months, but unfortunately she did not eat much until 14 months.
I don't see anything wrong in limiting nursing after 1 year. Why would that be appalling? Say no and offer something else, hugs, playtime, water. She'll get over it and probably will start asking less. You might want to try baby signs so she can communicate other needs,too. "more" "drink" "eat" will probably make a big difference. My daughter nursed every hour all the way straight to 14 months ( occasional days aside) until I set limits. Not a phase, unfortunately.
The ratio of body mass to chemicals? If she hasn't had any shots after 4 months I don't think there are many chemicals left. We are exposed to chemicals all the time, at least the minuscule amounts in vaccinations serve a purpose. Eat organic and don't worry about the vaxes in regards to chemicals.
Not true for my children, they are almost never sick, with our without vaccinations. Just personal anecdotes anyway.
Quote: Originally Posted by beanbean Follow your instinct and wait. You can always vax later but if you go ahead and something happens you would feel awful. It's just not worth the risk, IMHO. What risk?
I wouldn't wait, teething doesn't stress the immune system.
Yes, it makes you look older. Both haircuts suit you though.
Quote: Originally Posted by LilyGrace I don't know if this will help, but this page has videos for installing with tethers, LATCH, forward, rear, pool noodles...It may have what you're looking for, if you still need help. I know that website, but I think I am the most unintuitive car seat installer ever. If it's not shown, I won't get it. And Britax' are supposedly easy to install. Good I don't have a different one then I suppose
Quote: Originally Posted by an_aurora You take one side, and loosen it all the way. Biiiig loop. Then lift the cover at the front, where your child's feet go. Pull both LATCH straps along the metal bar to the front. Then take one alligator clip, and feed it through the big loop. Presto This will take the LATCH straps from RF to FF. That's all? I didn't create a loop, the loops were there already
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