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If he's a good Dad then yes. We actually both want another child but if I'll wait for him to suggest active planning I might wait 10 years because he just doesn't have the presence of mind. So as it is, I'll talk to him in a year or so
What kind of loop am I supposed to create ? I just don't get it . Please, step by step....
I am glad they're addressing this.
Quote: Originally Posted by attachedmamaof3 It's BS. They actually do what are called "Cost-Effective Analysis of Vaccine Name Immunization Program for the US" for each and EVERY vaccine before they make a decision. Here's a link to the one for Rotavirus...stating how much money it will "save" the US economy (because they assume it will work and prevent disease as advertised..riiiiight). Additionally, it states that the "break-even" price for the...
A didy all the way. Try the babywearer.com
That's nothing I'm trying to figure out now.
Yes, they should ask. I want people to ask before they post MY picture,too.
I would. At this age development is still very fast, there's a lot happening people without medical background might not necessarily catch. My ped has never offered parenting advice unless asked for.
I feel your pain, it's not even cold here and she still has dry patches. I've tried the creams you listed,too, not much success though. No success with vegetable oils, either. I just recently picked up shikai borage dry skin therapy lotion for babies.http://www.bizrate.com/childrensheal...444047620.html I love, it works very very well for us. By the way, eczema is not diagnosed whether the skin problem will go away with steroids or not. The word is used for a variety...
Quote: Originally Posted by MichelleAnnette Our Blvd did not work well at all for us flying with my then 3.5 month old. The incline was way too much and we had to ff it or it would not fit. Was that a small plane? And couldn't you adjust the incline?
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