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Most of your payment is going to interest. 9 % p.a is 0.75 % per month So you start with 10.000. Interest on that is 75 $ the first month. So you owe 10 075, you pay 100, leaves 9975, only 1/4 of your payment went to pay down the principal. Next month you owe 9975 plus interest, so it goes up again by 74.8 $, so at the end of the 2nd month you owe 10 049.8 $. See how it's just 50 $ less after a few months?
...ok, the snuggly more weight kind of body. I'm a size 14, sometimes 12, sometimes 16 in bottoms. Most normal jeans are cut for slimmer types and don't fit right, even in the bigger sizes. But I'm just too small to buy plus sized bottoms which I assume have a different cut. Is there hope to find a comfy pair of jeans for me?
Some people can pull off jeans better than others. I personally prefer trousers and cords because I agree, I don't find them very comfortable and that's bad when you need to do a lot of bending and moving. I might think differently if there were Jeans that fit my body shape well.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna My boulevard has fit fine in every plane we've flown on. The only "problem" was on a tiny plane (puddle jumper) it wouldn't fit RF, so we put it in ff. Get a belt extender on your way on the plane- much easier to install and more importantly UNinstall that way. -Angela Where would I get a belt extender from? Do the airlines provide them ?
Title says it all. We can do forward facing,too. Anything I should be prepared for? Thanks!
I sometimes dress like that. But she looks very generic.
Quote: Originally Posted by emo1221 I'd go with brown rice cereal. Me,too.
wow, a squishy boppy! I'd love that...that or a bigger "pregnancy" pillow that I can use for breastfeeding,too. Those are roughly 60 $ I believe, so you choose.
Quote: Originally Posted by Turquesa Here are my options, as I see them, and none have worked. Please give me ideas! 1. Sling or wrap. This is dangerous, as Dd is 9 mo. old and grabs at everything. Hot pans and sharp knives are no exception. have you tried a back wrap? I find it manageable to cook with my daughter in the Beco.
with so many people, one a baby and living in CA, I think you're doing good. You could try buying bulk rice and beans, maybe vegetarian sushi etc. Indian cuisine has a lot of ways to make lentils, so it doesn't get boring. Els wise, I think we'd spend the same with that many people if not more.
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