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hate it, cleaning is a PITA.
Quote: Originally Posted by gini1313 Your husband is automatically your next of kin, so a DPOA is really unnecessary unless you want to designate someone else over dh. Also, DPOAs are really for if you are incapacitated and unable to make your own decisions, so are pretty much not applicable to labor (unless something really bad happens)... Just FYI No, you can alter the standard text to include situations where you are not incapacitated.
So glad they're doing this, I hope more hospitals will pick this up!
I think 9-10 with a friend is fine. And a cell phone
I personally would have waited 10-15 minutes before letting him nurse again. If he bites again, can you push your finger into the side of his mouth between the gums where there are no teeth? That's what I do, she finds it funny when her face is shoved into my body. Then I say NO, don't bite, it hurts, unlatch her and the session is over. It hasn't happened often, maybe 4-5 times. She got the message I think.
Under 1 year, 100 degrees and over.
We went roughly 8.5 hours yesterday night. I'm also using a modified Jay Gordon method. She nurses when I go to bed ( around 10:30 and then we sleep) I did this because I thought sometimes saying yes, sometimes no would be too confusing. I come to bed, she nurses, we sleep until the morning. The light in the hallway is a visual reminder it's still ok to nurse. When it's dark, we sleep!
Yes I would, 1 year is very good, especially under this condition
Quote: Originally Posted by phathui5 Oh, I cut myself plenty of slack. But I am happier in a nicer house. I'm more comfortable, better able to relax. And it's hard for me to use the baby as an excuse. He's our fourth, probably not our last. I want to find a way to get this down with kids in tow. I've been thinking that between the kids, the homeschooling and the working from home, once we're out of debt, I'm going to have some kind of...
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