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Quote: Originally Posted by leafylady Do you have to live with them? It sounds like a hopeless situation that you need to be out of. uhm, yes. I don't see a solution other than this.
Quote: Originally Posted by lyttlewon Honestly I would just leave the bottle testing for the family. They often won't take one from mom anyway. DS won't take one, DD didn't either, and he is perfectly content waiting for me. That's what I would do. Many babies are just fine if they know you're not around. Monkey see, monkey want...to nurse! Riverdance with an infant is not a good idea, it is very very loud.
Your youngest was just born this year, cut yourself some slack, until they're verbal and a bit more independent the perfect home will be hard to achieve.
I also gave uncrunchy gifts, she likes both, but there weren't that many.
No, I don't think so. My ped has informational sheets for each vaccination with detailed statistics on how common adverse reactions are, what they are and when to seek help. Is it that uncommon ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Deborah Childhood is infinitely dangerous and can only be survived if children are given a lot of vaccinations. Not childhood. vaccinations can and should be given to adults just the same, in some cases even more so.
Quote: Originally Posted by alegna I don't consider the Hib anyway. True, it is very effective at preventing the select strains included, however, due to serotype conversion, it does NOT reduce overall cases of meningitis. -Angela Which vaccinations do you consider?
I always liked chinese better because they're stiffer, more compact. Feels trimmer to me.
Quote: Originally Posted by insider How about some perspective on what exactly a milligram of neurotoxin can do to the human brain. Aluminum is injected in milligram amounts. Yet it only takes .002 mg (or 2 mcg) of aluminum to alter normal gene expression in the brain. The daily estimated intake of an average adult is 8 mg - I will repeat, per day. reference
Yes, but most of the times there's at least 1 sloppy room. Mostly our bedroom or the office. She's 15 months old and it's gotten so much better already. Another year and that room will be fine,too I'd really like a cleaning calendar different from flylady.
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