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I want to night wean she understands the difference between day and night so I can explain what's happening. At what age does that normally happen? It's my second but I've forgotten so much
Oh, that gives me hope
Quote: Originally Posted by heidirk Elizabeth Pantley's book called TheNo-Cry sleep Solution for toddlers was a life saver for us, and she(the author) was breastfeeding and cosleeping with her 12 mo DS when she wrote the book! Yes, it's a great book! One suggestion from it that might help you is to start making the bedroom/bed fun so she has positive associations with it. Personally with these problems you have I'd nightwean completely.
How old are your children? I don't think it's enforceable until 18.
Quote: Originally Posted by Deborah This is politics. Banning mercury from makeup sounds good. And the makeup lobby isn't all that powerful. Banning mercury from vaxes is a lot trickier apparently. I disagree, if they wanted to, they'd have enough money to lobby for anything they want. There is no such cosmetics industry, they're all ( ok, MOSTLY) owned by big companies, Johnson and Johnson, Unilever etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by mykdsmomy I'd have to disagree with this statement. There is no progress without challenge Not all scientists are in agreement with everything all the time. yk? I think she meant you know the data is "clean", unlikely to have statistical/mathematical errors and free of ideological rhetorics. One can then judge themselves and not rely on other's interpretation.
Quote: Originally Posted by tayndrewsmama Sheesh. People don't even do that when they take a car into a mechanic. I wouldn't ever consider that for my body or those of my family. Efficient? We are talking about living bodies here, not something on an assembly line. I don't see what one has to do with the other. You get the general consent and then for every vax you get additional information, specific to each vaccine that is being...
Quote: Originally Posted by aniT : I also think when you sign the papers when you FIRST take them to the doctor you agree to any treatment the doctor recommends or some such garbage. Why would you call that garbage? It sounds efficient.
Quote: Originally Posted by nicolebeth contain very large amounts of aluminum--way more than any infant could metabolize at once (way more than any person, quite possibly, too). Can you reference this?
Quote: Originally Posted by Gitti Same here, my mother, grandmothers on both sides, my sister, husband, all of his sibling, my own kids... none of us ever compared cp scars. Actually the only one out of all of us that had one was my own dd. She had one on the bridge of her nose right between her eyebrows, for years and suddenly it was gone. It never bothered her. Since she is very attractive, in a weired way it added to that. Sounds crazy but in the very...
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