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Quote: Originally Posted by mykdsmomy Maybe I'm looking at it in a more black and white sort of way but why would someone get a vaccine to prevent an illness they werent scared of? to prevent useless pain and suffering?
Quote: Originally Posted by prettypixels Here's a link to a translated version.... http://translate.google.com/translat...icial%26sa%3DN Is it just me or does 3 weeks seem like a long time to have such an extreme reaction as death? (It's probably just me!) I agree. Anyway, the results should be there in January.
I've had the vax for dtp and got polio at school when I was 10, VPDs I've had: pertussis, chickenpox, measles, rubella, mumps. Certainly didn't make me stronger, as child I had very frequent tonsillitis ( record was 6 times in 1 year), bronchitis and once pneumonia. I also got vitamin supplements all the time. My children are/will be fully vaxed.
sure you could use it, I personally found an inflatable pool more comfortable though.
I think I'd try to find out if she has a history of missing births.
I would not want stitches without, yikes ! :
Quote: Originally Posted by carriebft My first thoughts were to investigate the MMR/autism theory (ies). I found both the Wakefield hypothesis and the "poor excretor" (not totally an MMR theory but often connected to it) hypothesis to both be worthless. So I got that out of the way. Then I looked at what the risks were for my kids. In the USA, measles isn't too much of an issue anymore, but mumps outbreaks have been happening in the new england area....
Ok, I had to laugh at that photo from the jack campaign. Not sure if that's good or bad. I mean, it kind of distracts from the message!
Quote: Originally Posted by amydep Getting kind of OT here, but what I would like to see happen is health insurance done away with completely. Then, the costs at the doctor's office would come down greatly. They would be competing in the free market, like all other businesses. There are some doctor's offices that are not taking health insurance anymore and are able to offer lower rates to their patients. Flat fees, lower rates. It would also...
Quote: Originally Posted by beanbean Yes, but I don't live in other countries. So my concern is not with them. Other countries have never had the same number of vaccine requirements. So because the U.S. mandates more vaccinations you think they will be the only country to mandate them all without any opt out if there was universal healthcare? Is that the only reason? Americans are not THAT different from the rest of the world.
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