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Quote: Originally Posted by Leta -life insurance -savings accounts -Social Security survivor's benefits -child support -alimony -state aid -private charities Exactly. We have life insurance in case he dies. If he leaves me, he has to pay alimony and child support. And he will, he loves his child and if I'm poor she'll be poor.And even IF he'd disappear I can always go back home which is not the U.S. I don't really see what could happen to me,...
Quote: Originally Posted by BelgianSheepDog Doesn't floradix have honey in it? I think there's a children's version without honey. it doesn't say honey here I used to get Floradix as a child, my mom's a nurse, too
No, I'm the one with the big head, 59 cm circumference , now go try finding a women's hat in that size :
hey, we have that exact doll stroller, my daughter loved it as a toddler, she'd even sit in it herself Our list for dd's first birthday is: building blocks, rocking toy, weighted waldorf doll, play silks. For Christmas I want her to get a rody horse ( jumping toy) or a push car to sit on. Maybe ask for an indoor swing? I SO want one but we'll have to see if the place we move to has a beam in a convenient place.
Normally you only get a discount for international flights.
Happy easter to everyone,too
I'm a SAHM, we have life insurance for my DH. Anything else would make me stay awake at night, I could never make enough to even cover the rent here in California. He doesn't need life insurance for me, he could afford a nanny for the children. As of now the policy covers our living expenses for a few years, long enough for me to get a professional degree. Next year we want to increase that amount gradually to include enough for the rest of my life.
My daughter would not be staying somewhere where I'd suspect a potential sexual predator. Maybe it's not fair towards him, but better safe than sorry. I'd not risk my children so someone's not treated unfairly.
I never could breastfeed in the wrap, I hadn't mastered it and now I mostly carry her on my back. But then she would only breastfeed in our bed for months so that might be it,too. I hated the moby though, but I love my Didy. I felt smothered with the moby and it didn't have enough support for me. Try it first with a weighted grocery bag or something
Are there kits around for those? I wanted to get my daughter one for her first birthday, but then I should it would be a little more special if I made one myself. I suck at crafts and don't like doing them. I don't have a sewing machine either. So is there something for craft handicapped people around? Please provide links, the whole thought of finding to buy this or that and that at 5 stores is just too intimidating...I DON'T do crafts !
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