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La Leche League Leaders will help you for free. You can call a local Leader or LLLI. You can find numbers on their web site. The web site kellymom.com has lots of great info.
Controversy! Women who are displeased with their breastfeeding experience have so much negative emotion and feel free to share so much.   There is no scientific evidence that there is something wrong with telling women that breastfeeding is easy. If you go to kellymom.com you will find the  articles "Breastfeeding: It's So Easy" and many others. Kellymom.com is a well-respected, evidence-based web site. Breastfeeding advocates believe that to improve rates we need...
I said I bottle fed my grandson. If I had milk I would breastfeed my grandson. It may not be normal in our culture for women to breastfeed other children but there is nothing wrong with a grandmother or aunt or even close friend breastfeeding your baby. It's good for the baby.
72 + 54 + 35 = 161 months   That would be over 13 years but I nursed 2 of them together for some of the years so it was only over 10 years.
I cared for my breastfed grandson while my dil worked 10 hour days 6-7 days a week. We never used frozen milk. We stored the milk in glass bottles and rotated. She went back to work at 2 months and we never had any problems. Fresh milk tastes best, is best for the baby, and is easiest to handle.
You can try breastmilk in your ear since you apparently have an ear canal infection (drops don't cure ear drum infections). Many "natural" remedies are drugs that are unregulated and have unknown risks.
If your milk drys up he may still scream at night because there is no milk. This happens when women get pregnant and their little ones wake at night. Usually it is easier for the adult to adapt her behavior to her child's normal behavior to want to nurse at night. You might try deep breathing, self-hypnosis, or other stress reduction techniques.
Most hospitals only hire RNs. LPNs tend to work in other health care settings or work as patient care techs if they do work in hospitals (take BP, temps, ect). Most hospitals only hire IBCLCs that are also RNs. You usually don't have to have your BSN, just a 2 year program is enough. RN is a great career choice.
I think you are right in questioning the wisdom in getting a pump. I discourage SAHM from getting a pump. It sounds to me like there is a big psychological component going on with your supply and your breastfeeding relationship. I would encourage you to just breastfeed and not pump at all until you have to be away from your baby. Fresh milk tastes best, is best for the baby, and is the easiest to handle. If you are only away 4 or fewer hours you may not have to leave...
Almost all women could breastfeed without significant difficulty. It's not normal or common to have blebs, bleeding nipples, or thrush. I breastfed for 10 years and I never had any problems. No plugged ducts, no low supply, no mastitis, no thrush, nothing.   Breastfeeding is easy. It feels good. If it isn't or it doesn't then you know something is wrong.   I've bottle fed other people's babies including my grandson. It is much harder to bottle feed and care for a...
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