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This is my experience too. Everytime I have tried, It has become a huge struggle. (And a source of anxiety...ha) I have decided to wait until I have more "me" time.
Thanks goody....looks like it's good luck to the both of us!
Hi everyone, OP here. Thank you so much for all of your wonderful ideas!! Especially the freezing beans one! That is great. Do I put them in glass or plastic bags??? Obviously then I have to wait for them to cool.  That will help a heap when it comes to buying, since we do eat canned beans almost everyday. (often times we just buy those at costco, which is cheap) We just moved, so now I have a bit bigger fridge. Before we lived in a studio and I had no where to put...
I almost feel like I can't even ask that question. But, I feel fantastic. I have been on zoloft for 8 mths, and our dd is now half way to 2. It seems like the perfect time to have another.    But, I am nervous. I have so many other relationships in my life that bring anxiety. (My home one is fine...I am the only weirdo :-)   Have you had another close behind? Did it go okay?   Just looking for advice.  Thank you  
Thank you so much Amy May! I really appreciate it. Our trip to CO was canceled...for Disneyland  (which will probably be fun but not very restful or relaxing.    But, thanks for the heads up and good info. Hopefully I can PM you when it's back on. Would love to hear from someone who has lived and loved it.    Have a good one!
Hello everyone, I am really struggling with our grocery bills. I feel like I don't buy much, and now because of some other financial issue our grocery budget is down to 60 dollars a week for 3 people.  I am sensitive to dairy and gluten.    What do I eat? I don't even know what to get at the grocery store. Lately we have eaten a lot of potatoes and lentil soup. Last night we had pasta, but it made me sick since I can't eat wheat gluten.    We shop mostly at...
We are visiting as prospective new residents and what are some suggestions you have?  What do you love about where you live??   Is it a good place to raise a family??   Thank you for your kindness!
Hi, bumping this thread. My dh might be getting a job in CO. Well we are crossing our fingers. What do you CO mamas think about the Littleton area?
Are you kidding me???? MUD slinging??? I realize OP says she was in a coma. My response has nothing to do with that!   OP, sorry for your struggles, but you said you didn't want to "sound" elitist, and you asked, so I gave my opinion. But if you didn't give my kid a bottle because you didn't feel comfortable as a result of YOUR OWN ISSUES, I would personally give you the name and number of my therapist. Because that's an issue.    Get well. 
You ARE an elitist OP, and I honestly think you need to work through some of your own feelings of inadequacies.  This is the kind of garbage that divides us as mothers, not brings us together.  I am disgusted. 
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