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We HATE affording this lifestyle. The Bay Area is jaw dropping beautiful, but we were not born and raised here and are finding it almost impossible to be a one income fam. DH makes less then 60k and we are so fricken strapped for money we can't even relax. It sucks. Don't do it Backyard Hens! Value your space and your 700 dollar mortgage. (That is jaw dropping, forget the scenery)
I have to say meemee, you are spot on     
 praying for peace around the world. For me, this is a sad reminder of the division amongst us. 
I love coffee. Like many have posted, it's all about the smells, the sounds, the tastes, the history. I can't imagine eliminating it from my life as it is very ritualistic for my family. I grew up drinking coffee and playing cards with my family until the wee hours of the morning. 
Wonderful news! So happy everything was normal. 
Thank you everyone! I just got SBP sling and am hoping it works out better for me. Best wishes and thanks for the great advice.
I totally agree. I spent two weeks in utter fear and sadness, and then I realized that this is our new reality. Perfect wording JTA Mom.  I have been hiking all weekend, we bought food from the farmer's market, and we spent the day in San Francisco. I cannot imagine feeling anything but blessed for being able to do these wonderful things. Blessed to have another beautiful weekend with my family. I am checking out of this thread now because it feels as though we are just...
That's hysterical GingerBean, thanks!   Great Advice everyone! I just agree. 
    OH my! I didn't read that report yet. Exceed's safety? How come CA hasn't exceeded safety? Geographically that's not making sense to me.    We are just upping our intake of miso, seaweed, etc. I don't see the benefit of avoiding organic locally grown food. I am just trying to find a proper way to filter water, cheaply. 
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