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Feels like I am minority here!
What about Morro? That is a lovely beach here in California. Or there is also Baker, Stinson, Bodega, Avila, Bragg, etc. Good luck. Love the symbolism
Hi ya'll.  DH just proclaimed tonight that he wants to start thinking about another and that we should shoot for June as a time to start trying. Any advice for how to prep in the mean time? My first bfp I miscarried, second gave me DD but was unplanned and felt as if my body was out of sorts the entire time. Any tips...suggestions?
Sorry didn't quite answer your original question, hopefully someone else will have more solid advice.
Wow, so sorry you have struggled for nine months. So this sounds silly but my therapist just told me to get Brooke Shield's book "Down Came the Rain." Haven't read it yet, but it is on its way. Also can you find someone to talk about this with? I have had PPD for 6 mths, but am just now getting help. My birth was after a miscarriage too. I never really felt connected to my daughter and I think it was because I was afraid she would never make it after my miscarriage....
Hi ya'll. Looking for some good Christian Mama books to uplift my spirits. My DD is 6 mths old and she is wild one.  I have really struggled with the transition and am looking to spend some time reflecting and reading. Any suggestions?
So, I need some suggestions. DD is 6 months old. Everyone kept telling me, oh wait until she is 4, 5, 6, months old and she will be done with "colic". I am sad to report that she is still as unhappy as ever. When she cried she sounds like a big girl, not a baby. She will scream and scream for hours. She doesn't really like to cuddle  But I still hold her, wear her, etc, while she is upset. I need some suggestions about what you do when you little one has a break down...
So my wonderful DH and his family follow the theory that a baby needs to be kept awake longer, and awoken from "long" naps in order to rest better at night. I left DD for the first time last week with her gma. When I returned she was already awake because she had been napping "too long". I was really angry. Who wakes up a sleeping baby? (A grandma getting ready to leave, that's who) But anyways, it spawned a discussion about whether or not baby should be awoken or...
Um, definitely seen this happen with our six month old before. Whenever someone swings her in the bucket car seat(much to my disdain) she makes a red face, big eyes, and looks to be stiff as a board and holding her breath.  Poor little things always getting tossed around and swung about. Guilty of seeing the same face though.
OMG I was just coming on the board to post our similar situation. We moved a few weeks ago to our new place and ever since our daughter has literally, been such a mess. She is upset a lot, wakes up a lot, doesn't ever seem to be happy. It stinks. She is only a month older than yours though, so potentially it is an age thing. I don't know.  Hugs though, we know how it is. Not getting much sleep over here either.    Oh, and definitely noticing lots of...
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