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Wow, thriftyqueen, you are so blessed! Thanks for the thought out response lilmom! Nice to have some perspective. And Arduinna, all of those things sound pleasant.
Does Brita filter radiation?
to go wear wrap: awesome! have fun birthday!
So, I had an unpadded version of the Maya wrap, but I just passed it along as it was hurting my hip and sciatic every time I carried my itty bitty dd in it. Ok, so she's about 18 lbs, but that's not too big for a sling right?   Now, all I have is an ergo, and I don't like it. I miss the sling. I bought it a bit too small for my body. Could it be that a bigger size would be more supportive? Would a padded sling help me better? (Since it was an unpadded)   Do you...
Sweet! No, he won't care a bit, I bet he will be really impressed! I know mine would!
My fair babies, I love your nursing pictures.   mamaliam, love the family pic. Are you wearing a wrap?
Thanks Moss, being depressed and scared is not healthy for me or my baby. Good reminder!
Kansas City? That is such an interesting choice! Why, might I ask? DH has an opportunity for: Atlanta KC Denver Phoenix Seattle Houston or Dallas. Baltimore.   I don't know anything about these places. I am nervous to move somewhere, but we gotta get out of CA. Our family is here, but it is getting bad. So much pollution. So much crime. We have lived in LA, SF, North Ca, Central. We can't seem to find any place we like. We lived in Portland for a hot...
Hi Momma. Been there. I know it can be hell. My advice, stay away from scales. Get some donated breastmilk or formula to supplement if supply is not increasing, and take a break from the stress. There are some magic moms out there who don't need a second to themselves and have the ability to nurse all day and night. I was not one of those. Honestly, no one told me this until I was in the trenches of postpartum depression. Please take care of yourself as this is a very...
oops?   Tonight I heard that trace levels of rad found in milk and drinking water. Here is the notes from the EPA: http://yosemite.epa.gov/opa/admpress.nsf/d0cf6618525a9efb85257359003fb69d/8aca5fe3d1d30ebc852578630074eaff!OpenDocument
New Posts  All Forums: