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deleted, decided I didn't want to share afterall.
  We used these instructions.   She said to let it sit for 4 days, which it would be just fine, but so much better if it has really sat awhile.    Here is another from the almighty: http://www.marthastewart.com/313818/cranberry-and-orange-vodka
Get thee to SouleMama!
Ha, nm subbed automatically now with new MDC. Oh well. 
What about making your own infused liquor of some sort? If he drinks booze outside of brews.    DH and I did this for Christmas and it was a fun activity. Can't drink it for awhile. Obviously needs infusing.    Cool thread. Subbing.
faithsstuff, I have so much to share, but am exhausted tonight. I just lost my grandmother who was basically another parent. We were caring for her in her home until she lost her battle with cancer. The hardest thing any of us have ever done. Physically and mentally. It sounds like your mom is a fighter and it seems that those are the ones who are able to make it through. Especially since she has goals. I clung very tightly to scripture and a faith that does not fit into...
  Hahaha! Likewise!
Prayers dr. worm.
Wow, thank you both. This is exactly the sort of encouragement and advice I was looking for. I have heard lots about juicing and the Candida diet. My mom did the Candida diet and completely cured herself of fibromayalgia!    jksmith, do you have a recommendation for a probiotic? I take PB8 but my hunch is that it probably is not good quality. It's pretty inexpensive.   SandyMom, how did you know how much iodine to take? I have Lugols iodine. I have heard coconut...
Ahh, nervous about spilling my guts so instead I will ask: What would you tell someone who is addicted to caffeine and sugar, has constant migraines, and has a low functioning thyroid (hypo). Also, since I got pregnant and have been nursing, I have gotten surface cavities.  Would I start with diet? And what sort of diet? It is so hard to change the way I have existed for so long, but now I am a mama and want to be healthy for many many years. Everytime I try to stop...
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