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This was awesome! Cool project to be apart of, I imagine. 
funny Nicolelynn. I took this test once that was called "what denomination are you" (Ha, do you think I have been searching or what?) And it came back Orthodox. Since then I have been trying to find a liberal Orthodox community. We are going to try out the "Friends" church next weekend. Other wise known as Quaker. I have got to get some community. We live in an area of California that is literally ran by money. 
Hahahaha! Great pictures everyone! Good luck mamas! I am off to start on the neverending piles of laundry, diapers, garbage, etc.!!
Thanks Holly! I'll give it a go!
Awesome Bekka. Thanks for all of your input. I will grab that book.    This is so admirable! A sort of goal I had in mind was to really bring birth back to women of all paths, not just to those who can or choose to afford a homebirth. Something like a missionary role might be a good place to start.   To answer your questions Phathui5, I am in my mid twenties, Yes, I definitely want more than the one..probably 3 or 4 more.    I met this amazing midwife at a birth center I...
bluebirdmama, that is so cool. The same happened for me once I let go of the "religion" I "should" have.   On a note in regards to man made church; my most recent experience has led me to confusion once again. We moved to a new town. I want to make friends here so badly. Really good, spiritual friends. So I decided to give a women's study a shot. However, I left feeling worse. Like I didn't fit in. I couldn't participate in the absurdity of what they were...
Hi professionals! I have been wanting to be a midwife FOREVER! Well, it started with wanting to be an L&D nurse, but then my eyes were opened!   I am not sure what I want. Do I want to be a mama right now? I have a sweet 8 mnth old and would love a handful more! I have the ability to be a SAHM for as long as I want. However, so much of me thinks that I would like to be "midwife" for many years of my life. I should also say that I am not super mom, so I am a bit...
Ha, thus the reason we don't go to well babies. I can't stand it when a doctor disagrees with me about my kid's symptoms! what is the arnica 1m? I am familiar with arnica, but is it just one ball? or liquid? I have gel, I wonder if I could rub it on the outside of her cheeks.   YES...babies should be born with a full set, but then maybe they would bite us too much to eat (ow!) But teething is rough. Sigh. Good luck to ya'll. 
This is just horrible. The mamas over there must be devastated. 
Don't waste your money on Gdiaps. Well, we never used the flushable kind, but the cloth ones were horrible. DD started leaking from these at 2 months, and now I can't even imagine how much she would leak. They are cute and fun,  but really just a big PITA. What about BumGenius or Fuzzibunz, these seem easy to me!
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