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So, I purchased these second hand and no matter what I do they smell mildewy. I have not tried bleach. But I have tried borax, vinegar, and cold rinse, hot rinse. I don't want to dry them in the dryer but if I leave them out to dry they really smell.  Like my dd will be crawling around and I can smell mildew.  Also, there hasn't been sun for weeks otherwise I would try and leave them out in the sun.
Hi OP. I have a similar problem. I rarely admit it though. Even though you can see it just by looking at me. Often times people who have never experienced overeating sort of have a "just deal with it" approach. Whether it stems emotionally or because of outward appearance whatever. I have been told many times "just fix it".  This doesn't work!  Something a pp said really resonated with me   In my particular situation I grew up in a home where my food intake was constantly...
I have not had any luck with NT's fermenting. Nothing ever "ferments". The last batch of pickles after weeks only tasted salty. Maybe it was something I did, but how hard could it be?  
Can I join? I have laundry! Laundry laundry laundry! Plus, the general smallness of my place makes for a huge mess. I am really getting behind this week. Good luck!
OK, how awful and horrifying that infants cannot drink the water. I was expecting that, but to hear it confirmed breaks me. As a mama who has to supplement it gives me the tremors.    I have a question, and this might sound stupid, but do I incorporate those foods or eat only those foods and vitamins?   Mamaupupup did you fill your water gallon in case of emergency, or because you think we won't be able to drink our water?   wishing you all the...
I know, I know, tale as old as time. but dd is having a really rough time. Her bottom fronts finally came through. Now it seems that her side ones are trying to come through.  She also always runs a fever and feels clammy. She seems to be spitting up A LOT more. It even is coming through her nose (poor dd). Night waking...the works.  Please, I am at my wits end and I hate seeing her so upset. The baby ibuprofen I have given her does not seem to help. Neither does...
How about coconut milk? so delicious makes a good one. no need for formula if you are nursing too. but that it just my opinion. nak. 
I second the sharp cheddar! I eat like a preschooler. My go to "quickies" are pb& j on whole grain toast. Cheddar and apples. Chicken soup. Kale and Quinoa. Yum. Both Kale and Quinoa I just set on stove and they steam away. I put two table spoons of water in my pan for the kale, and fresh garlic. Sometimes if I am feeling adventurous I splash red wine vin and evoo on top!
You guys! I am rolling through these posts thinking, "wow, you are cool not nerdy" Soooo, I guess that makes me a nerd too! Our favorite pastimes are Doc Who, BBC of any kind really, Science Friday, Wait Wait don't tell me. DH obsesses over coffee. No one gets it. He is totally cool and knows all about making the best espresso and most delicious cappuccinos. We drink these while playing scrabble or listening to TMBG's, or watching Antique Roadhouse. We also take...
Honestly, as a new mom, I wish I wouldn't have had a lot. It was so overwhelming. I was always behind in laundry. My suggestion would be to have a couple gowns, 5 or 6 onesies, socks, a special outfit or two, a hat for sun, a hat for warmth, and that's it! You will still be laundry, but not piles and piles. Good luck mama.
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