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But where do you get rid of it too? Salvation Army? Goodwill?
Aw, thanks. I appreciate the response. I hope it does get better. I wish I had a tutor or something  Congrats on making it 6 years. I hope in 6 years I am loving my job!    
I am not coping very will with being a SAHM. I literally get nothing done. My dd is 8 mths old. I have been home since before she was born. Those days I enjoyed cooking, cleaning, my new role as a homemaker.  These days, it is a good day when I can actually get dressed, make dinner, and put a load of diapers in the wash.  To top things off, I have been very resentful of my DH. He has a desk job. Not a stressful one, but often times monotonous.  When he gets home he...
agreed. perspective is everything. Thanks joybird for the new link. Fingers crossed. Thanks Wuwei for the encouraging words. You are right, fear gets us nowhere. Thank you everyone for participating in this thread and sharing resources back and fourth. 
Hi! I used to teach at a Steiner/Reggio based early ed school. Encouraging independence and responsibility is wonderful at any age. I would just like to share what I would do. I would eliminate all words such as could, would, can, etc. Instead rephrase with "It is time to clean up now." If no action, and obviously continued playing or whatever is the goal you are trying to attain, you say "Ok, Mommy will help you clean" And allow him to clean up with you OR watch...
Hi, I am a mystic. I loved "Dance of the Dissident Daughter". Looking forward to seeing other book recs.
where will you go joybird? I am scared. 
HI Ya'll.  I have the oppurtunity to purchase a cbfm from another mama, but I would be wanting it mostly to know when I am fertile. Is it possible to do this?
Hi dr. worm. My mama had this happen to her. Turned out she was having hormonal imbalances. I know, it is so stressful and scary when our moms have something funky going on.  best wishes. 
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