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I am usually on facebook because of business and other groups I am active in.  MDC is easy on my iphone, you have to be on the mobile site for sure.  I will make a conscious effort to check in more often :)
I have lots of homebirthing mama friends, and they have a sibling doula or a close friend there.  Kids are welcome to watch or not.  One friend said her 3 year old was more interested in the spread of snacks for doulas/midwives than she was her mama birthing :)
I am in the boat with all your cold mamas.  My husband thinks I'm nuts as it is 90+ here and I was wrapped up like it was 10 below :)
A ton of our friends in the city see Town and Country pediatrics. Another although maybe not popular among AP moms is weissbleuth pediatric office.
We are still exploring our options but I am leaning toward an in home non water birth. The midwife that does it is a bit of a hike away but I'm more inclined to be at home and comfy versus at a hospital. We do have a birthing center near us so that may be an option as well
Hi I'm Darla and due with #2 on April 5th
Hi everyone! I thought I join and get some of this "I need to tell someone" out  of me. We have been trying for a while and the last week or so I have been having dizzy spells and major headaches, I thought hey just test and see, and voila!  The headaches are not fun, especially with an energetic 3 year old around.
We were members of the AP Oak Park group :) We do not live in the area anymore :(   Also we were apart of Oak Park Moms Group on meetup, they were nice and did a variety of activities in the area.
We know a few families at Alcuin and they are completely happy.  
Hi all,   Just checking in to say hi.  We had a BFN after our insemation and I have been on the, "go with the flow" attitude.  I am finally back to being regular with cycles.  We are keeping our fingers crossed still.   Hope everyone is doing well 
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