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36.5 weeks along....breech baby for about 5 weeks now. I have had major stress over this version thing and I don't think I want to do it. A 58% success rate isn't very promising, plus he could just turn back? Ugh. Have tried cold peas, music, light, Webster technique, acupuncture/ moxibustion (second round yesterday), self-hypno (Turn Your Breech Baby by Hypnobabies), and started Pulsatilla yesterday. Oh and doing inversions and breech tilts every day. From what I have...
Are Prentice at NW, West Suburban and Rush Copley the only 3 hospitals around here that offer water births?
Anyone from Chicagoland by chance?
And does anyone know if I should avoid this tea concoction if my uterus did calisthenics for the last 20weeks last time in the form of Braxtion-hicks? You'd think it would have been crazy super toned after that...but still 3hrs of pushing. :S
Ok I pushed for three hours and ended up needing the vacuum. I would really very much like to avoid the vacuum and HOURS of pushing this time, plus I love this kind of alternative stuff so I'm going to get some of this tea. Can anyone who buys from MRH tell me exactly which of which to get? I see leaves, powders, organic variations, etc. I want to get it all, nettle, oat straw, alfalfa.... TIA!
This is almost exactly our story too! Except Seventh Generation instead of Earths Best.
We didn't find out with our first and really enjoyed that. This time I want to know what it's like to know. Hopefully find out a week from tomorrow!
I feel like my belly looks the same now as if I let it all hang out when I'm not pregnant...especially on a bloated day. And the babe is only like the size of a peach so I don't think my belly is much other than bloaty guts. (sometimes my scientific brain makes me no fun!) unless I rrrreally pooch out in the next week I will start taking belly pics in a couple weeks. And I will enjoy your pics til then!
Name: Karrie Weeks/Days along: 13 & 1/2ish...14 on Friday Appointments: a week from today Symptoms: nothing worth complaining about really...some heartburn, GI discomfort, nausea but not often anymore. Food: totally depends, I like things one day but not the next. Anything someone makes FOR me I am happy to eat. Exercise: prenatal pilates Body changes and other milestones: getting a little poofy...wearing some maternity pants now Thoughts: I could use a nap right now
Hello ladies! DS is almost 19 mos. Interested in seeing how he takes to a sibling We are from a southwestern suburb of Chicago. Had to be induced (no amniotic fluid left) but still went natural with DS, planning to do the same with this itty bitty but going to take a hypnobirth class for further prep. Excited!
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