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I think Robyn meant it felt weird to show affection to Kody when all the wives were together, because the wife giving/getting the affection might make the others feel jealous or like he likes the other wife more. I don't think it was anything that Kody tells them to do/not do. I can see that being an awkward thing, they probably just show more effection privately when it's just Kody and 1 wife. I can't wait until next weeks episode when they talk about moving, looks like...
I finally watched the 2nd episode. Very interested about Kody's dad and Janelle's mom. They said they (the parents) met when Janelle was going to marry Kody, so I don't think there would be any kids for the 2 of them since I assume she may have been too old. I also found is interesting that Janelle said her entire family cut her off when she married Kody, so I assume both she and her mother are totally cut off from the rest of the family. Not sure who all that includes...
The only place my kids would nap, without me laying in bed with them the whole time, is in the cradle swing. I just had the swing in the room where I was working or playing with the other child and they would nap great.
I use Toms and have been happy with it. I see Secret just came out with a natural mineral type. Haven't tried it, but it might be something to check out.
I love that show, missed it this week, I need to check when it's on again.
Is this weird? Dh and I always co-slept with DD1 (now 7). Once DD2 came along (now 4.5) she slept with us too. Shortly after DD2 was born DH started sleeping down in DD1 room (She has a double bed which she has never really slept in). My mom keeps telling me it's weird to still sleep with the kids, but I actually prefer it. Dh sleeps with the radio on and likes the fan on high. I like a white noise and no fan. The girls don't snore, and I know they are safe with me....
I feed all my pets Wellness and have been really happy with it. Not sure how the price compares to Blue Buffalo. I often get marked down bags that are close to expiring at the local pet supply store.
I agree, re-home him. I had a dog for 6 yrs before I had kids. For several years it was just she and I. Then I got married, then the first kid, then the 2nd. By the 2nd kid she was 8 yrs old and she had had it. She hated the kids. She was jealous of my attention for them and she just wasn't happy. I found a great home, a single guy, for her and I am sure she is much happier. I never had the heart to check back in and see how she was after I gave her up. But knowing the...
With so many choices for banking, I don't think they will get away with the $5 ATM fees for long. Why would anyone stick with banks that charged fees like that.
Yes, I leave my 4 yr old for short periods of time. Or sometimes she will be in the tub, while I take a quick shower in the seperate shower. As long as I can still hear her.
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