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mines are kinda similar to that, but i dont cut the front panel straight. I flare it a bit so that i have more snappi/pin room. Took about a dozen cpf before i got it to fit ds just how iu want. I just used his old ones , so i did not waste and of the ec ones
Quote: Originally Posted by Luv my 3 Does anyone use this wool for knitting soakers or longies? I have just finished a soaker for DD with it and I love the way it feels. What is your experience with it. Does it work well for longies over night? I made my ds several longies and soakers out of it. We use it at night just fine. We have never woke up with wet sheets with these soakers I am not sure i would use it for a heavy wetter but maybe...
not a big help but i have seen them in many retail store (i.e. younkers, daytons, kohls, sears even has them (lol)
Quote: Originally Posted by bethwl Is there any reason not to do this? Is the fleece as good a quality as at the fabric store? Yes and no,, i have bought fleece at Joanns and hated hated it, but I have also bought some micro fleece at Joanns and it so far is outlasting some others. But I do have to say the covers I made my ds out of MM are buy far more pleasant looking. many are over a year old and you cant tell on the 20 wt MM but you can...
I have made several pairs for my boys (200wt MM)(one in dipes one not) they both love them for night time. On my ds thats still in dipes, i do use a cover underneath, generally i use a 1 layer 200 wt fleece. but he is a lite wetter I do not think I h=would have done it on super soaker ds1
[QUOTE=neveryoumindthere]also would suedecloth I have succesfully dyed sudecloth with procin dyes. it works great and the color is awesome, but it will not absorb as much dye as a thicker fabric. I liked our results. I think you would need an upolstrey type suede to make these type of shoes. But you can dye that as well. Dharma has great tips on that too. I have never done it myself but I have seen it done
that was the very first i bought. I ordered it from motherwear.com catalog. you have to like padding to like this sling. ds1 was 3 months old when i got it and he hated it but he was not one who liked to be swaddled. I found it difficult to adjust cuz of the padding. so we put it away with ds2 i got a maya and never dug out the slingezze. if you want to try it i can send you mine.
ds will be so excited when he wakes up in the Am...he does not know i got it done for him. kid size sling cant wait i bet it'll look great
ds1 told me it was ok if we did not get to play today cuz..."he wants his sling" so i knit all day long and *sigh* its finally done Kid Size Sling hes going to be excited when he wakes up in the Am I told him i probably wont finish til friday
Quote: Originally Posted by tickleturdle Hi! A little stretch is very comfortable, but alot poses danger from the baby jumping or slipping out. HTH Angelia thats my fear!!!!! thanks. I will stick to the one for my ds's stuffed animals. Its cute so far thu lol.
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