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Rockin Green gave my kids a rash but I do know a lot of people love it. You might need less detergent if you have soft water. I'd do a hot water strip and try RLR. Good luck!
I can recommend the Kawaii bamboo diapers - they work great. The micro fiber Kawaii not so much and the sun babies suck IMO. And always keep an eye out for used!   I order from sweetbottoms a ton and they guarantee their diapers and fix snaps for free. I'm not sure if other places do.   http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/Fix-Fasten-Guarantee8480_ep_92-1.html
Ooh I wonder - I don't have tv either but it should be on hulu I'll check i out. Maybe that's the same episode that they had liz lovely cookies on...(LL had the clip on their fb page) They are gluten free vegan cookies and I thought the 'sharks' were really rude and obnoxious. I am curious to see what they say about CD.
I personally love all in 2s because I like to hang dry the covers and dry the inserts in the dryer. (I find all in 1s take too long to dry but that's just my preference.)   I'd have to say Grovias are probably my favorite in my stash and they make all in 1's too.   As far as washing and all this site is an awesome resource. I order from her a lot and did a newborn rental here -   https://itsybitsybums.3dcartstores.com/Help_ep_43.html     Congrats on the...
http://www.sweetbottomsbaby.com/   They are awesome, have a huge selection, are mom-owned and have free shipping on all orders! I swear i don't work for them I just order all the time :)
I just re-read your OP and if they stink after he pees in them but not right out of the laundry it could also be ammonia build up - meaning you're not using enough water or not using enough soap. (too much soap=stink. not enough soap = stink ayyiyi!)    I have a top loader and when I first stared CDing I wasn't setting the water level high enough (always do the max) and I had big stink problems. I had to add a rinse to my routine as well. Do you have a top loader or...
I've always jut used cd detergent but it sounds like you definitely need to strip. I have had success with just adding a few kettles of hot water to my already full of hot water top loader. It's free and easy. Worth a try. I do that about once a month or so and it seems to help with any build up. Just be careful because there are a few brands that say you can only wash on warm (like grovia) I still have used this method and they're fine but just FYI.
I found CDing right from the start really wasn't hard at all. First off you can just toss all the diapers right in the wash, assuming your baby is EBF. ( oh how I miss the pre solid foods CDing days......) also you don't really deal with leaks so much at first because they don't pee a lot. At that stage it's all about poop containment and I did not CD with my oldest and I can tell you I had crazy blow outs every day at least once with disposables. I'm talking up to his...
Depending on where you're staying maybe you could hand wash and just use the dryer? If that's convenient. If you're in a hotel that has laundry or really close to a laundromat.
I use bio liners from grovia or gdiapers when I travel or flats folded in a grovia cover and I hand wash and hang dry. What's the deal with SAP? Is it really bad?
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