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 Agreed.   Also, I LOVE diaper lab! For wool I really like wooly bottoms!  http://woollybottoms.com/   The other thing is wool gets compression leaks - I love wool for over night and at home in general but wool doesn't really work when they're in a car seat or shopping carriage. 
Sounds like you need to strip...could be detergent build up.    Do they smell right from the wash or after they've been peed in?    I second the soaking - even in the bathtub with a kettle of hot water added if you can. If that alone doesn't work I use something called BacOut (by BioKleen) and it's AWESOME. I get it at whole foods but if you can't find it local I believe soap .com doesn't charge a heavy shipping fee. You can add that to the soaking water. I use...
Gotcha. Another suggestion is a portable washer. My sister lives in an apartment building and uses one for diapers and baby clothes and has a drying rack or sometimes uses the buildings dryer. It holds a good amount. She got it on craigsist for under $100.
I'm not in your area but I just wanted to say that I was overwhelmed by the idea of diaper laundry and it really isn't bad at all. My suggestions would be to get natural fibers (microfiber is harder to get smells out of) and get mostly the same kind of diaper. If you can afford to get AIO or AI2s go with them. Everything is already sorted and I only do a wash every 2nd or 3rd day and I have 2 in diapers. (I do use gdiaper disposables sometimes though because my little...
I really like rumparooz newborn covers with snaps!  I used kissluv fitteds with thirsties xs covers for my son and it worked wonderfully. The ONLY thing was that the thirsties velcro wore out pretty quick. 
holy crap! 
I suppose this wasn't the proper forum to ask in anyway but thanks for the responses. I feel like I didn't phrase things well because I was a little frantic and sleep deprived but I never intended to nurse my niece myself and would have only given her pumped breast milk if it was what her mom (my sister) wanted. (If my children weren't in my care I would want them to have breast milk vs. formula especially if it were my relative and I knew they were healthy and...
No no it is helpful! Good to know so I don't go switching formulas like crazy on her. I will check out the other forums too. Thanks!!
Sorry I just realized how that sounded! I was replying from my phone and I didn't notice. Thank you for replying and answering :)   
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