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I'm still pregnant! I'm actually at work right now (despite being on maternity leave) because we had a meeting I wanted to attend and I wanted to meet with someone I supervise. I'm 41+1 today and I don't feel anything is changing. At the acupuncturist yesterday she did some new points on me to help start labor, and WOW they hurt! She went around to all the points and was rotating them and making sure I really felt them strongly. It made me sweat like crazy, and...
Oh totally! I would just LOVE an actual chart like this based on real data. When oh when will my fetus choose to be born?!?
This is meaningless. They made a bell curve around the due date as the most likely birthing date (which is not accurate).
Congratulations Miranda! Welcome James! I hope you heal quickly from your stitches. What a fast labor you had!
I hope you heal quickly. Hank looks like the cutest boxer ever. Love his photo!
Oh MamanFrancaise! I hope you feel better FAST. Take as good care of yourself as you can! Every night I end up staring at my stomach- my fetus gets SO ACTIVE in the evenings and I keep telling it that it can stretch out so much more comfortably if it just chooses to be born. I'm a couple days behind you (41 weeks on Monday) and I can't visualize my baby either. I don't think there's anything wrong with us :). I mean, mentally there's nothing wrong with us! Obviously our...
Alli, I've had a cold for almost 3 weeks now. I think it makes me sleepier and lazier, which maybe is really good for preparing for the birth! I'm mostly concerned about being able to breathe well through my nose during contractions; I'm pretty sure the fetus is already immunized against this particular cold by my already having it. My acupuncturist suggested packing a nose spray in my birthing clinic bag in case I am congested during the birth, so I've done that. The...
Hugs and strength, Silver.
Welcome Isaac and Iris! Congratulations ColoradoMama! I'm so happy for your positive birth experience and that you are all home now.
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