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I went to the acupuncturist today, and she said no baby today or tomorrow (based on my pulse). I'm now predicting Monday, because in this country the average gestation for first time mothers is 40+5, and according to their system Monday is my 40+5 (according to when I know I ovulated, it's 41), and *everything* about my pregnancy has been exactly average. I'm walking more and doing yoga daily now, with the idea that my laziness has been making it too comfortable inside...
I think that sounds like "friends". :).
Welcome, Tommy! Best of luck with quick healing, Beans. Hope everything is wonderful for you and your family!
Oh my goodness this is hilarious! I once helped a friend move with the exact same philosophy! He lived on the third floor and we had a van parked out front, and he was honestly just walking up and down the stairs carrying like three shirts at a time on hangars. We went to go get him some boxes!!!
Crystal_buffaloe- friends who also didn't want a railing up for a slightly raised bed for their son put couch cushions next to the bed. Their son fell out a couple of times, and with the cushions, he slept right through it. Just an option if you like :). They weren't worried about his safety either- it was just so he wouldn't be shocked awake.   Judy- I'm glad you are feeling better than last night.   Ascher- I think that if you want to do the excersices to try...
I'm 40 weeks today. Still no sign of labor. I just got back from the acupuncturist. Before and after treatment she said my pulse doesn't sound like the baby is coming any time soon. Maybe by the end of the week. I'm strong and healthy, so I want the fetus to stay in just as long as it needs to. I really hope I don't risk out of the birthing clinic- but most important is that the fetus and I are healthy. We are both still growing and moving a lot.
One of my friends trained his cat to eat the entire kill (no leaving guts lying around) by not giving her food until she ate the whole animal. She learned very quickly to eat the whole animal. Depending on where you live, there may be ecologically sensitive bird populations that are harmed by cat predators (well fed house cats can be very good hunters because they don't struggle to survive like feral cats.) Bells may or may not help, some cats learn to be quiet despite...
I suggest keep it simple, and no houseguests until you are emotionally ready to deal with drama. The things your mother will contribute are live-without-able, and the harmful aspects are not able to be controlled by you.
Congratulations Carson!
Welcome, Anna!!!
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