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We were at a party last night with a lot of friends, and everyone we saw "Oh! You're still pregnant?!?". Yes, I'm still pregnant! 40 weeks is Monday or Wednesday (depenging on if you calculate from conception/LMP) and my sweetheart is convinced the birth will happen one of those days :). Here's hoping all of us waiting people get to birth when it's the best time for us and our fetus/fetii. We've got a LOT planned today and this weekend, and I'm hoping all the biking...
I cannot imagine what you are going through. I hope so, so much your babies are all healthy and well now. Good luck.
Yeeska- I'd love to hear your tips for the BPP ultrasound!
At my midwife apt today, she said for the semen to have any ripening effect I should do legs up the wall after sex. Keeping it inside as long as possible helps it be effective. Everything at the apt was fine: I'm still gaining weight, fundus still on ideal curve, no protein in urine, fetus' heartbeat perfect. My blood pressure was higher, but she didn't care and attributed it to me biking to the apt. I bike to all the apts, but whatever :). Glad she isn't...
  In the scenario you described, you would be out with your car with your children, so you could move the car seats from your car into the taxi. Where I live, you simply request the taxi to have car seats when you call, and there are safety standards here so you can rely on the car seat being safe/legal/etc. If I don't feel able to walk home after the birth (or take the bus), we will request a taxi with a baby car seat to go home. But I know in general USians are more...
Bread: My sweetheart bakes no-knead bread for us pretty often. He's found that up to 25% of the flour can be whole wheat/spelt/rye/barley/etc. and at least 75% should be white wheat flour. Some mix-ins we've used are walnuts, olives, sundried tomatoes, rosemary and thyme.   A great idea: He's been unable to massage me properly because of me not being able to be on my tummy, and he came up with the idea of using my breast feeding pillow (I have the breast friend one)...
Welcome Merylin! Congratulations Allyn! I hope everyone is healthy!
Greetings all. Happy new week. I am 39 weeks today. Still pregnant. Still no noticeable BH. Still no signs of mucus plug dislodging or any other sign of labor coming. I'm fine- the fetus is very noticeably active, I'm sleeping a lot, and I'm eating a whole lot. Clearly the fetus is happy to stay inside longer! I just didn't expect to be pregnant this long :). 
That's great FaliciaGayle! Glad you were able to be so proactive and that the fetus is cooperating with your birthing plans :).
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