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Miranda- at my last midwife appointment, she asked me if I felt anything like I feel when I'm getting my period (which I haven't)- she said for a lot of people, that's the first sign of labor starting!!! Maybe you are starting to warm up!   Jend- I hope you stop being in pain but that this warm up turns out to be good for you when your labor gets going into high gear.   Hyde- you didn't ask for recipe advice, but last night we ate some bean salad that I made a...
Yay 13pumpkins! Congratulations on the births!
Jend, that is so completely innapropriate. How on earth have you managed the past 9 months without that stranger telling you what to eat?
Welcome Esme and Tessa! I hope you get to go home, WendiPauline. Yay for supportive partners!
@Ava's mama- if she doesn't already have them, a bicycle, scooter, or skate board are what all the 3.5 year olds I know are into. She would use and enjoy it for a couple years until she outgrows it.
MyMaya, that all sounds wonderful (except your vulvar varicosity!). So happy you found people to support you in your choice. Happy warming up to you.
Welcome Jude! Congratulations MadiMamicita!!!
MadiMamicita!!!! Congratulations. Hope your birth progresses just like it should.
Yeeska- we had friends over for dinner on Thursday, and their almost 4 year old asked to sleep over, so I told him he could sleep over on Friday night. Then we all realized I could theoretically go into labor, and then we'd have a child to contend with also :). But he spent the night (he's playing with my sweetheart right now), there's been no labor, and it's been a delight having him over. He hasn't slept over since he was old enough to consistently want to be here the...
Me: There's women on my chat forum who can actually reach their cervix and get a feeling for how open it is! I can't imagine that; I can barely reach to stretch my perineum. My Sweetheart: I know! *I* can barely reach your vagina!
New Posts  All Forums: