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My fetus moves around like a super energetic break dancer. I can't tell what part of the fetus is where, but every time I go to the midwife she says its head is stuck in my pelvis, so all the mad rolling around feelings must be it doing head spins or something.
@Crystal Buffalo- I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and I'm traveling alone (well, I have colleagues, but we are staying at different hotels and won't be spending all of our outside of work time together) also next week, so until 36 weeks. I'm "comfortable" in the sense that I made the choice to travel and I don't think it's dangerous to me or the fetus. but I am astonishingly uncomfortable simply being in my body right now!  It's harder for you because you have another person...
I'm not preparing my own food here (except musli for breakfast in my room)- there's lunches provided and eating at restaurants for dinner. but all the prepared food is very salty. i really feel like shit and i'm trying to chat with my husband and he is not paying attention. argh. i need to go shower. thanks for sympathy Miranda.
I am really suffering. I am in a different city for this week for work, and it is HOT. this is the first heat I've had this summer, and I cannot tolerate it. I usually use all natural deoderant that I'm not convinced actually does anything, but for conferences, meetings, etc. I have actual anti-perspirant, and it is doing absolutely nothing. I am having to wash my shirts in the sink and take at least two showers a day. My ankles are swollen for the first time this...
@Judybean- you can make iced tea instead. Fill a pitcher with water, throw in your herbs (more than you would use for a hot tea), leave it on the counter for 0.5-1 hour (not that important if you forget and leave it long), then put pitcher in fridge. no heat necessary and the herbs get extracted into the cold water via the longer time.
Congratulations Amysue! Welcome Kathryn! Good luck maturing and learning to breathe on your own! Amysue, I am so glad you received great care and are back to a proper temperature!
Congratulations!!! Welcome baby A, baby B, and baby C! Good luck to A and B maturing well and joining C.
Me: Can you believe our baby is going to be born in a maximum of 8 weeks from now???   My sweetheart: No. I cannot.
What a difficult position you are in! You need to rest and you need hours at work. Is there anyway for them to give you less strenuous things to do at work? Are you currently scheduled to work only 15 hours next week? 
Thanks Katt and Carlin. I'm sure I'll figure out the carrying everything problem with time and practice :). Good to know that ring sling + back pack is feasible. Front-carry SSC + backpack looks easier than ring sling + backpack, I wasn't sure it was possible with ring sling and I couldn't find any pictures of people wearing both with a simple image search. Now my sweetheart and I tend to spend one of our weekend days walking downtown to do as much shopping as we can...
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