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I just received word of a pox party in the works in Bloomington, IN. Many of the attendees will be from Evansville, IN. Subsequent Pox parties in Evansville are likely in the next couple of weeks.
I just got word that someone has come down with it in my hometown area in Southern Indiana. Pox party is in the works and I will try to get my girl exposed if someone catches it from the party. I'm planning a trip up there within the next few weeks. I live near Nashville and if we successfully catch it, we will definitely offer up a pox party. Let me know. I also just started a thread titled "Nashville chickenpox"
I am following a crunchy mom group in my hometown in Indiana. Apparently, someone has got chicken pox up there and the ladies are planning a party. It is a "wild" strain and not from a vaccine. I have a pre-planned trip coming up in a few weeks so I may miss the initial party but may see what happens when I do go up. Someone mentioned that there has been a small outbreak in the Nashville area as well. Anyone know anything about this? I just spoke to my pediatrician about...
Peroxide works wonders on blood.
Darn! IT wouldn't let me PM you... I guess I'll just post my info here. You can find me on facebook as Christina Martin Kibalko. After I friend you, you can see my phone number and call if you want to. I look forward to hearing from you!
Me and momtopea were at the zoo last Monday when you sent this but I couldn't respond on my phone :/ We would love to meet you! On Wednesdays there is a playgroup at Pinkerton Park. Also, you can friend me on FB and then if we have any outings or get togethers, you can know about it. I'll send you a PM.
I do not know if there are any in Madison, but I do know that there are some in Bloomington. How far away are you from Bloomington? Are you willing to commute there? Depending on distance, the MW there may come to your house for a home birth. If you are wanting a homebirth in Indiana, you may have a hard time finding a midwife because of the laws there. If you get to know any doulas around there, they would know the midwives. Good Luck! Here's a website about the MW in...
I agree that you sound like you have a lot of fear about whether you can do this or not. Trust me, YOU CAN! I just had my second child in July.  There was alot going on during my pregnancy and I questioned myself a bit as well. Remember: fear->tension->pain.  If you feel afraid, you won't open up as easily. You have to relax to get your bottom to open up. Something beautiful to remember is that you are connecting with every mother from all time in this experience.  What...
There are home birth midwives there, but they are kinda under the radar due to state laws. I have a friend that lives in the area and she has a very good midwife. I personally considered using her, but decided not to since I would be coming from out of the area.  I can get her info if you need it, and pm you. Let me know if you are still looking... As far as the schools and neighborhoods, I can't really say because they live out in the country surrounded by amish:-)
I know this is a little late... but... I have an awesome pediatrician in Franklin, TN (20 miles south of Nashville) His name is Dr. Kalb and he does natural and traditional medicine. My now 6 1/2 m.o. caught whooping cough in December and he has never tried to push vaccinations on us. He gave us a homeopathic medicine to give her for the whooping cough. They let the parent decide if they want to vaccinate and don't try to sway you either way. I don't know this for sure...
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