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Ugh, so my sister signed up with my link and I am not getting credit for it. It seems like there is so many glitches that it makes it not worth it. I am not keeping my goal of 50 points a day. Not even close. The surveys are useless. The search engine is terrible and frustrating. But the videos are fun. I will keep trying but I am not as hopeful as I was.       okay, just got 5 points for the code CanadaDay6CEF81
Joining this thread. I just joined. I am on day three and have 138 points so far. My goal is a amazon gift card every 10 days. I hope I can lean some tricks and tips. It has been kind of fun. I am sure once school starts again I will NOT have time for it but it will be a fun summer activity.    
17 Day Diet sounds very interesting. I will look into it.   I am still on this stupid plateau. I lost almost a pound two days ago and then the next day was up almost all of it. I am now right at 177.  So 8.5 pounds total in 28 days I think. That actually doesn't sound half bad,lol. It is just that I lost half of that in the first 4 days. HA! 
I am not loosing. Proof that the whole "burn more calories than you take in" rule is BS. I am burning more than I am taking in and still not loosing. Ugh. I will loose a couple of oz to gain it back the next day. One weigh in was a whole pound up. All in all....I am still just above 177 pounds. The same as I was two weeks ago.
Getting frustrated. I have lost about 1/4 of a pond in the last 6 days. Even though it was the week of my period I still expected *something* more than 1/4 of a pound. I wonder in my body adjusted to the lower calorie amount and less carbs. That seems to happen a lot with me on whatever I try. I loose a lot at first and then stall. They a I keep trying until I get tired of the plateau and I would switch. Like to The Curves diet or to Sparks people etc. I lost 65 pounds...
So my total weight loss for 2 weeks of phase one is 7 pounds. I am going to stick with phase one for a few more days. My period started. I am on day two of my period which is the day that I am most bloated and hormonal. I don't want to end phase one on this note. I will go 2 or 3 more days.   Your "chicken with mounds of steamed broccoli" is very typical of me for dinner. Either broccoli or zucchini. It is quick and I really like broccoli. I am getting pretty tired...
My period surprised me this morning. I wonder how much I would have lost had I not been starting my cycle. That explains my mood for the past few days,lol. I am thinking of staying on phase one until after my period ends.   1-2 pounds a week sounds great :D I wouldn't mind that at all.   I was hungry and grumpy yesterday. I was having a hard time getting my "2 cups of veggies" per a meal. So I sat next to my daughter to watch her play "Plants vs. Zombies" (so...
So looking forward to some fruit. Tomorrow is my last day of phase one.   I am down a total of 6.5 pounds. Not the 8 to 13 that they say you will loose on phase one but I will take it. I am nervous that the weight loss will stop when I intro healthy carbs.
My scale (I use the wii) must be broken. I weighed myself and was UP 4 pounds. Putting my total loss at 6 pounds. That sound more real that 10 pounds, Ugh. Oh well.   Naomismom, looking forward to having a buddy. :)
Wow, I lost another couple of pounds. 10 pounds is 9 days. That is almost as much as I was loosing when I was on my cleanse and I wasn't eating anything,lol. I wonder if the scale was wrong. I am getting tired of phase one. I will count down the days. Next Wednesday I can move to phase 2 and have my fruit protein shake. Yummy. I am surprised that I am still loosing because I eat dinner late. I get home from work at 9:30 and eat. Then it is off to bed an hour later. Not...
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