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I have a 10-month old and we just got her lip tie lasered (water laser) by a dentist Friday. Nursing has always been painful on the right side but not the left. I am hoping there will be some relief; I am almost ready to just pump the right side.
Sila: I am so sorry. I have been thinking about you all day (well all yesterday since it's currently 4am). ((((love and hugs)))) this is just awful.   Cait and Stevi: Thinking about you guys.   Sourire: I was glad to hear about your last LP with no spotting. Looking forward to your IVF.   Hi Milky-pie.   Hi everyone.
Mine was sunny side up (posterior) at my 30 week check-up. I've been doing pelvic rocks on and off (reading Spinning Babies). My 32 week check-up is Friday, so we'll see what she's up to then.
Wow, monkey. I felt like I was there! Thank you for sharing that.   wissa and gozal, wooooooop you guys are so close!
 Hi Stevi! I laughed at "Squishy". Still enjoying your nicknames.   Smushy hugs to Cait, Sourire, and Sila.   Stalking Milk on other social media sites so she already knows.   Hello, everyone else.
amber: 1 of the midwives told me the same thing: They will be in and out depending on how many other deliveries there are, and the hospital nurses will be in and out as well. Interested to see how that will be.   Definitely similar to the OB model, which surprised me. The only exception was 1 of the midwives (don't know if we can say names on here?), who asked about what I was eating, and other detailed questions.
Sourire: That is pretty exciting, 2 perfect follies! I'll be lurking creepily during these next couple of weeks!   Cait, Sila, all my other lovelies, if you're lurking, I'm thinking of you! 
Congratulations Monkey! He looks adorable! Take care of yourself and we'll wait patiently for your updates! :-)   Now to catch up on everyone else @_@
MILK! WHAT! DKAFJ;DKJASDKEAKDAFKL!   WHAT!   I just!!!   Ok, everybody be cool. Milk, I am so so hopeful for you. Please stick, little Milkyraptorbaby.
Reviving this :-) I am due early November and am going here. Has anyone else delivered here?   Also, the hospital allows food/drink in labor if you need it, but I wonder if the midwives allow it?
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