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I almost feel like both, cause it's been so long and it's papa's first time. My oldest son is 12 and he's getting teenagery mouthy but still approachable....he's responsible and helpful and mostly we enjoy each other.Middle son is 10 and he's emotional and sweet. He's the neatest of my kids (gets that from his dad) likes to get things done and have things in place. (god help him cause in my experience life isn't neat very often )My 8 year old son is still cuddly but...
Definitely have the June shower.....love the pee when I puke! Ha!
At zulily this morning I ordered a baby back pack! Yay!
I'm nervous about this too....I'm 16w 5d and have had flutters for a few weeks. They feel less often the last few days..... maybe I'm distracted...or ??? I know that my worry is likely unfounded....and that things are likely fine....just wishing I felt more and more often.
We are set on Russell for a boy....it's my partners name and his dad and his dad....... The other day I told him I was thinking of Rosalie Joy for a girl. Rosalie is a family name. It was our first name conversation about girls....and he just said..yes sounds great.....lol I was nervous, cause I've gotten attached to it.....it was so easy... I love seeing the names you're all considering....gonna be a cute batch of baby names this fall! Jenny
I'm probably not finding out...and I'm a bit jealous of those who are . I'm wishing for a girl....I already have three boys and I adore them and would have fun with another but I'm sure drawn to all the girly stuff out there. Fwiw...with my #2boy the ultra sound tech took a good look and said "see there's the labia" I guess things have improved in the ultrasound world since them but given his small genitalia even now...I kind of think things just hadn't descended...
I've resorted to panty liners...ugh....just a heads up...my mw said every 1/2 hour is perfectly normal...every 5 minutes is a bladder infection....and Jamie...twice a night...I wish
I think I'm finally glad to be an older mom, I've found the advantage. I think it's that I've let go of most of my body issues. I weigh about 220 and I'm around 5'8.5".... So I'm normally around a 16. I think i have gained around 10 of those since becoming pregnant but I'm not sure because normally I don't weigh myself. After years of yo-yo up and down weights....I decided that the most unhealthy thing for me was the constant self punishment and living by the scale. I...
Me too! I'm lucky enough to live on a farm with hunters so we raise and hunt most of our meats....we will have goats milk later this spring and we have more eggs than we know what to do with.....but I'm far from religious about it...just strong leanings...
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