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I am glad I came across this post. I too will have 3 girls share a room soon. We are waiting for the little one (age 3) to stop cosleeping. Right now my two oldest share a full size bed but I know eventually they will need their own space within the room. Thanks for the tips.
I am a late starter... 2 old broken garage cans....to the trash, 26 children's books......to a local early education center to be used in a preschool classroom, 29 adult books......to the local library to be sold in their used book sale. So 57 items in total and a long way to go.
Hopefully these pictures give you an idea on how it slides together.  My husband even said at one point the we should make some of these pieces but we do not have the time nor the space to have any more.
  Wood naturally expands and contracts so I could not get the brown roof piece away from the sides without chipping the plywood some more.
Akingme, If you can not find an original you may want to think of finding someone to make one. When our gate piece arrived, I could not believe how simple it was. It came flat and you slide together the sides and roof pieces. Just five wooden pieces and no screws needed. The most difficult part would be making the gate.
I would skip the cash register. My dd loved playing store but the wooden cash register got hardly any use. Instead make some wooden coins (similar th the haba ones) about 5 or 6 each in the value of 5, 2, & 1. My 4 year old was doing addiction and subtraction while adding up the value of the purchases and then subtracting payment and giving the correct change. Also dried beans in a variety of containers work well. My kids love playing and sorting them and there are...
I am not a minimalist but I am aspiring to become one after staying in a condo on vacation with only six forks, six spoons, six plates, six bath towels, etc. It was so refreshing. I never heard of the 36 piece wardrobe before. I am so glad I came across this. I definitely want to try this for me and my kids. My husband has way to many clothes also but I do not feel like I can tell him to scale down.
New Posts  All Forums: