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Great job with your research mama!  Just wanted to add some info if you do decide to vax -the link www.vaccishield.com It is a supplement that is supposed to boost immune system and help the body deal with vaccinations.  There is page with research on nutrition and vaccination that might be helpful.  Might be good to discuss it with your pediatrician. Researching on PubMed can be helpful too. Good luck with your decisions!
I agree, great reaction time. I think you handled that so well!!!
We didn't circ our little guy either.  At first DH wanted him circ because he is himself but after a youtube video he changed his tune. Good luck!
I also tried slow flow, worked great but my ND ruled out anemia and thyroid issues. We also did a liver cleanse-a milk thistle product and a hormonal regulator-it had evening primrose, dong quai, wild yam, black cohosh and peony. Hope this helps!
Thanks! This looks great!
I thought EO were supposed to be in a carrier oil like jojoba or almond or olive to decrease the chance of irritation. Guess you could always try a little on your skin to see how it reacts. I really like the book by Valerie Worwood "The Complete Book of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy" It talks about all this kind of stuff. Good Luck!
Great news on your ped letting you space them out. If you are worried about reactions there are a few things you could do before vaccinating like the supplement vaccishield and there are homeopathics that are also supposed to help with any reactions, I think Thuja is one of them. Vaccines are a hard one and doctors visits can be daunting. Good job advocating for your child!
I agree with shining pearl, I would do it a few weeks early so that you are home if anything happens as well as having less stress surrounding the vaccination. Rescheduling if they are sick is one I'd do too. There is a new supplement out there called vaccishield, www.vaccishield.com, it is supposed to help with side effects of vaccines. I've also heard of the homeopathic thuja to deal with pain from the shot, maybe there is a homeopath near you that would have a better...
Hi mamas!   My LO is almost 18 months and I'm finally getting back in the swing of things.  I'm wondering if anyone has any natural lip gloss that they use or make.  I make my own from oil and beeswax but I'm ready to get fancy with a little color.  Everything I see in the stores has stuff I wouldn't want to kiss my baby with.  I use coconut oil as a lotion because it's affordable and good for me and baby.  I'd like something like that for my lips.  Any...
Gross. Just gross.
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