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I decided to babywear because it seemed like the most natural thing for me to do.  Then I read about the benefits of touch and close relationship it perpetuates.  My toddler loves to be worn.  
    " Pump, Store, and feed with Same Bottle "
Liked Bella Luna Toys too! :)
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My Husband loves babywearing and always laments the fact that we don't have a carrier that is his style.  I would love to give him a chance to wear our son more often.  :)
My favorite piece of green baby gear would be my cloth diapers.  I has saved us so much money and our LO no longer gets diaper rash (he was in 7th Generation disposables for 3 months).  Next, would have to be Breast Milk, my woven wraps, and my sewing machine, which is not a piece of specific baby gear, but it allows me to make things for my family. We are also beginning to make our own baby food, so I will have to include the blender in that mix as well.   
New Posts  All Forums: