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I agree with the previous responses. Anything having to do with food. When my girls were in the NICU I was at the hospital all the time and it was difficult to remember to eat anything, let alone anything healthy. One of the nicest things I got was a gift basket full of food from Trader Joe's that I could take into the NICU with me. And I was STARVING because I was trying to produce milk for my babies. I'm sure any gesture would be greatly appreciated.
Here's a link to multiple birth freebies.
Osh Kosh stores have one, or used to. There's a list floating around the internet somewhere. Let me go check...
We still co-sleep with our twins and they're almost 4. I tried to be active in my MOMs club, but it was a horrible experience for me. I let my membership lapse after 2 years and it's still such a good feeling. Good luck in finding like minded parents. I've found several twin mamas online that have the same parenting style (some of whom I've met IRL as well), but my closest friends now have singletons. Even at almost 4 there are still differences in having twins vs....
Quote: Originally Posted by YumaDoula And JENIUS drives me nuts. It's not even PRONOUNCED that way! : That and she's not even close to a jenius or genius.
I've never had a dog that didn't think cat poop was a delicacy. We call it kitty roca in our house because it looks like almond roca.
Thanks, I needed that.
Quote: Originally Posted by kmisje Dawg- Referring to a friend or whatever else its used for Hmpf.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexisT My pet peeve is "orientate". it's a made up word. "Orient" was a verb ALL ON ITS OWN! Things are "oriented towards", not "orientated towards". I haven't heard that one before. But that reminds me of another: "conversate". Hearing people say that makes me laugh out loud.
clotted cream
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