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Update - Thanks for your suggestions. We tried these and a few others. Her favorite by far is a book called 'The Best Book of Early People" by Margaret Hynes.
This is not exactly a gifted question but I know the topic of reactive hypoglycemia has come up here in the past...   We think DD(4) has reactive hypoglycemia.  Lately we think we have noticed that if she has dessert before she goes to bed she tends to rage in the morning.  Today (after cookies and milk for dessert last night) she raged for half and hour about not wanting to get dressed, not wanting to eat her breakfast, not wanting to calm down....until she finally...
So - I totally get that a score at the 4th percentile is indicative of something more than asynchronous development. IT was the wording "discrepancy between speech and other abilities" that I was thinking would be an example of asynchronous development - not the OP child's performance. I guess what I don't get is why the best justification for therapy requires a comparison between the 2 scores.  To begin with 2SD below the mean seems like pretty strict criteria for...
I apologize if I caused the OP any distress. I was not questioning the diagnosis or need for therapy. I totally can see that a score in the 4th percentile on a test might indicate a need for therapy. I also was not trying to tell the OP that her daughter just has asynchronous development.
I'm curious about the logic of qualifying a child for speech and language services based on a discrepancy between speech and other abilities.  Wouldn't this be an example of asynchronous development? OP - making no judgement about your child's need for therapy since I obviously don't know her. Questioning the reasoning - not the outcome....
I wish I knew - I guess I could say by magic too.  The thing that really blew my mind was when she started writing letters.  How can you learn to write letters without being taught, or at least practicing - right?  But overnight she jumped straight from barely being able to write her name to knowing how to write - in a legible if not standard way - all of the letters.
Anyone know of any books written at the k-2 level about early humans?
When asked how can you tell the difference between a boy and a girl, DD(4) replied, 'A boy has an X and a Y chromosome, a girl has two X's.' (But what I really want to know is why she was being asked this question in the first place!) Edited to add - I realize that isn't really funny - but it was in the context of her preschool 'circle time.'
So I don't know how out of the ordinary any of this really is but - enough that I'm not comfortable sharing in real life and I need a place to brag about my 16 month old because she is just amazing me this week.   We were out and she said she had to go poop.  I took her to the toilet but she didn't want anything to do with it (we do a very laid back version of EC but she uses a small potty).  When we got home - at least an hour later - I had her sit on the potty and she...
I wouldn't worry about his lack of interest in reading and writing at that age. He may just not be ready to learn. Which doesn't mean that he isn't extremely bright or gifted.
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