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My parents bought DD(3) a set of animal planet dinosaurs: t-Rex, stegosaurus, ankylosaurus, dimetrodon, and apatosaurus. They have been sufficient to satisfy DD - she was never quite as obsessed as your DS sounds though. However, She does really want a pack of deinonychuses because she doesn't have enough carnivores and she needs more than one or how will they ever manage to take down their prey?
Fortunately our week of 'acting camp' is affordable and it sounds fun, play based, and developmentally appropriate for the 3-6 year old group who will be attending.
This is my DD. I can't offer you any info or insights since she is only 3. But she memorizes books and songs after 1-3 exposures. She also easily picks up on idiosyncratic inflections and can reproduce them. We actually do have her signed up for a week of 'acting camp' this summer and I'm curious to see how it goes.
Follow her lead.  Check lots of books out of the library about whatever she is interested in.  Join her in conversation & play related to her interests, & stories she has read.  Help her wonder "what if" and "why" and come up with experiments or resources to provide the answers.  Play outside. Play with water.  Provide her with a variety of materials to make art with. Listen, sing, dance, and play instruments to a variety of different types of music.  Take her to museums. 
My DD(7 months) loves balls, blocks, musical instruments, stacking cups and rings, empty containers, and a bead maze. Since yours is already using some words I might also consider a doll with blanket and bottle or some dishes to play with?
I need a brag thread! Dd(3) has been really taking off with her motor skills this summer. She learned to skip a few weeks ago. This morning her soccer coach commented on how athletic she is. He specifically mentioned being impressed by the accuracy and power of her kick, her dribbling and her running speed and stamina.
You probably have a gut feeling about which would be best for him? I pesonally would probably switch to the daycare based on the descriptions of the programs that you provided. But that's me thinking about my experiences and my child. (I spent a lot of time trying to find a play-based preK with a multi-age classroom for DD. Was going to keep her home if I couldn't find one - but I eventually did.)
Do you have/can you find any other options? How much of the time would he be engaged in 'academics' (ABC's 123's etc) vs play at the new school?
Miranda, that is awesome!  Thanks for sharing!  I will definitely be sure to share that info with my youngest when she gets to the potty learning stage!!!
Maybe focus on more open-ended activities? Playing kitchen/restaurant/store, playing with trains, building with blocks, incorporating stories you've read into the play?
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