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It's nice to know that I'm not alone but I hope you all start laboring soon!  I went in for an u/s and NST this morning and fortunately everything looked great.  I have another u/s scheduled for Saturday.  If that goes well I have until next Tuesday before I have to go in for induction.  IT seems like a week should be plenty of time but that's what I thought last week.  I was already planning on a hospital birth so at least I don't have that to stress about...
I'm 40 weeks +5 here.  Getting a bit anxious.  Anyone else approaching week 41?  Thoughts/feelings?
DD(2.5) has begun experimenting with rhyming words and identifying which letters/sounds words start with.  She has become interested in very basic subtraction.  "If I have 3 vitamins and take away one then I have 2..."  She also is learning how to tie basic knots.  She has become very interested in Winnie the Pooh stories - requesting that her daddy read her one every night before bed and acting them out during the day.  It's amusing to hear her repeating parts of the...
39 weeks and 3 days here.  Contractions every night for the past 4 nights but completely settled down by morning.  My parents are coming in tonight to take care of DD so I'm hoping for an appearance soon!  DD was born on her due date so - don't know why I was expecting any different with this one but it sure is getting hard to wait!
Lower back pain, diarrhea and nausea?  Not sure if it's prelabor signs or the Indian food I just ate for dinner though.  :-)  
38 weeks here.  Low back pain which I haven't had during the rest of the pregnancy and then two nights ago menstrual-like cramping.  Also had a super intense hot flash yesterday - which I also haven't had this pregnancy.  Don't know if that's a sign or not but - different.  Oh - and I've been getting super moody about my daughter not being my only child anymore.  Fortunately she's super excited to have a baby sister so her "I love my baby sister sooo much" comments help....
My babe is 31 weeks and still doing flips.  She usually only flips between head-down and transverse but she's been breech twice in the past week.  Definitely not my favorite position!!!!
DD (29 months) has been making up her own words and claiming that they are Spanish for various English words.  So I found a Spanish class for her that she will start in two weeks.  We have been traveling quite a bit this summer and she has been enjoying it.  She is also still very excited to meet her little sister (only 3 months left now!).  She will be done with daycare at the end of this month and it can't come soon enough as far as I am concerned.  We've talked about...
DD is only allowed to watch PBS.  She doesn't care for Sesame Street (?!) but loves Super Why and The Cat in the Hat.
So I had the 1-hour non-fasting gestational diabetes screening test today.  I felt so ill (light-headed, shaky, confused) that I didn't feel safe driving and had to get my husband to come pick me up.  Does anyone know if this kind of reaction suggests that I do have gestational diabetes?  I'm sure I will hear from my midwife the results but I"m feeling very anxious about it.
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