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Hi all! I live in AZ right now, but I have a friend back home in Buffalo who is due with her first baby in 13 weeks. She's a low income single mama and she's hoping to have a great birth experience but doesn't have a lot of support. She's going to be giving birth at Millard Fillmore Suburban Hospital.   Does anyone know of a doula in the area who is either in training or works on a sliding scale? I'm hoping to find her an affordable option!   Thanks in advance!
I haven't had the same experience as you in regards to birth, but I do want to share my thoughts. I feel like this guilt is so common as a mom. Whatever it happens to be over, from childbirth, to how much we hold our babies, to what we think other moms do, to whatever else. Its good to be aware of and process this stuff as it comes up. Your birth experience went the way it did because that's what you and your baby needed. For whatever reason, this is how your child chose...
My favorite thing about babywearing is being able to keep my newborn close while actively parenting my toddler! I can do so much more with my hands free!
My mom asked me the other day to send our newborn clothes to her house to store for when my sister has a baby because we've discussed being done. However, I realized that I didn't feel ready to send the clothes just yet... After my heart issues this pregnancy, I'm really thinking I don't want to do that again. I mean, the baby and I weren't in danger, but I couldn't do ANYTHING for the last three months!! So there's that. But then some part of me feels like, as insane as...
Storygirlcindy- It sounds like your water broke to me! Either way, its better to go in and be sent home than to be unsure and not do anything IMHO. Good luck!
Scruffy had her baby!!! A boy!!! Yay!!!!! She says thank you for all the love and support.
Scruffy just sent me an update that she is transferring to the hospital. Lets keep sending her lots of love!!
Scruffy just texted me an update. She's been at it for 36 hours now. She labored in the tub all through the night. Things have slowed down today so she's trying to get them going again!
Also is anyone dealing with the least helpful family ever?? My mom came into town for ten days and helped me SO much. My DHs brother and his family live around the corner and have come over once. They asked us to watch their five year old son tonight (who has behavioral issues and is so mean to DD1) and I agreed. Then they drop him off, imply that he will stay overnight (first I've heard of this) and tell me hes sick. WTF?!?!! I have a one month old baby here. Is it a...
Evie chokes on my milk a little bit too! I think its relatively normal when they're so small... I was just laying here on the couch with her sleeping on my chest, breathing in the scent of her. Oh my goodness, its heavenly. I could sniff her all day haha. The new baby stage makes me rethink our decisions to be done. We have been doing tummy time then a quick dip in the tub at night right before bed, and shes been sleeping great for the first stretch. Last night she went...
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