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Hello Ladies, Rachel was born Wednesday, August 7th, three days before her due date. She was 9lbs, 1oz and 20 1/2 inches long. In my opinion she is a normal sized baby but most people call her large. I had planned for a home birth but started passing an abnormal amount of blood, therefore DH and I decided to go to hospital where after a vaginal delivery they found parts of the placenta had started to separate from the uterus. We are still tired from birth and trying to...
Well, Sunday was rough for me. I had consistent contractions that kept me awake all night, DH thought it was go-time but I woke up still pregnant Monday. So last night I felt a sudden wetness which I thought was just discharge, it wet through my panties and clothes and left spot on bed. Today we have bloody mucus stuff with light contractions. I'm refusing to get my hopes up again to be disappointed when I wake up tomorrow still pregnant.
I normally co-sleep with baby close to me. So with my 3rd DS, I would wake-up sometimes and he'd already be awake just watching me sleep. Sometimes he'd be smiling or intently staring at me. Oh, it would melt my heart. 
OMG, Edelweiss you are giving me some good laughs. I just can't imagine you punching anybody but yes I understand your frustration.    aim4balance, I don't know if baby is sunny-side or not but two of my six have been born this way.    I am beginning to dread night time, as it seems this is when contractions flare up, and things get really heavy and uncomfortable. I found out the birth ball doesn't help, the heating pack doesn't help, can't try massage as DH is...
Well good news is I've dilated and effacement has begun, bad news is the exam had me awake all night with contractions in back and lower belly (note to self: no more internal exams for me). I also had a slight headache so yeah, this was the worst night for me. I'm still exhausted so I'll probably be sleeping my day away, if I can get comfy enough and the littles let me. 
Hello Ladies, I'm Yolanda. We have 6 children, 5 boys (14,12,6, 3, 2) and 1 girl (5), currently baking number 7. DH and I are open to as many children as the Lord shall send. He owns his business and I'm home with my babies while my older boys attend a charter school. We homebirth via unassisted birth(totally the best way to birth, in my opinion). Life is good for me! We are happy and just trying the grow our children to learn to love God and honor Him in all they do. We...
Ouch edelweiss98, that sounds painful! So sorry, I would definitely mention it at you're next appt.    Every evening I'm getting these yucky back contractions, sometimes they wrap around and sometimes they just stay in my back. The heating pad and some yoga poses usually helps but recently that's not relieving them so I'm having to just lay down. I hope my body is warming up for labor and not just doing this for nothing. It's so frustrating! I keep checking the...
Wow! It's really time for us August mamas!! Congratulations Heather, he is so beautiful. Way to go mama!
I just finished my bracelet and I love it! Just wanted to share the finished product with you guys. Thank you so much! I can feel the energy and special meanings behind each bead.         
I've seen this thread in many other DD Clubs and thought it was about time to start one for us, especially those due 1st week of August. So anyone feel close or showing signs of labor?   Nothing here, BHs every day for weeks now, increased swelling, baby has definitely dropped but I have a tendency of delivering on my due date so, I'm not getting my hopes up. 
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