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 I was actually trying this today. I do, but perhaps not as much as I should. She is a super big helper and I ask a lot of her, and I know it irritates her sometimes. (Please grab this, close that, throw that away.) I also try very hard to respond to her needs- she has a voracious play drive and tbh I do not really find most of her games enjoyable, but I push myself to participate because it makes her happy. Today was a better day. I...
Hi, all.   I am a long-time Mothering user (had another username before this) and mom to two little girls. My DD1 is 5.5 (6 in August) and my DD2 is 10 months.    I have always tried for gentle discipline/peaceful parenting. Did AP with my older and now with DD2. Andd 85% of the time, I've been a wonderful mother. But I've had my lows. I've struggled with depression, anxiety, and rage, and dealt with relationship issues with their father at times, which didn't help....
It sucks sometimes. I am 23, hubby is 26, he works full time and I am home with our 5.5 year and 6.5 month old daughters. Mostly, I just feel bad for the pressure it puts on him. I look forward to contributing financially one day. In the meantime, I feel what I do has value, and I make this clear when necessary. I am lucky in that we have a pretty fair deal in regards to my access to 'our' money. We all have what we 'need'.
Hi there! My little one was born in June- her name is Meadow Anne.     I'd love a fb group!!
Okay, after a truly epic Halloween candy binge last night, here we go!   Breakfast: 1/2 apple spread with 1/4 tbsp. natural pbutter, 2 tbsp. org. raw walnuts, 1 scoop mila chia seed powder w/ 1c unsweetened almond milk and 1 tbsp. pine nuts hot water w/ lemon, coffee w/ almond milk   Will edit to update as day goes on.
Here we are!!  
Tracking what I ate with the ladies here was super helpful when I was pregnant. It gave me some accountability- I was less likely to make an unhealthy choice if I had to "report" it later. So, in that mindset, I'm starting a thread for postpartum weight-loss focused eating  :)  Come as you are!   I'm at about 153 now (actually up from my postpartum weight) and trying to balance calories in with calories out. Trying to eat mostly plant-based.   My goal weight would be...
Yeah, I got to day 15 both of my Whole30 tries. Am now trying for balance ... lots of plant foods  :) I am going to start a Postpartum Food Log thread. It was super helpful for me before. Come join if you like!
Hi, all!   I'm horrible at following the individual threads, so I'll just do a quick checking-in.   Meadow is growing well; she's 4.5 months and 14 pounds- smaller than her sister was, but that is in line with her curve. She's a lovely, sweet, happy baby who people remark looks "like a little doll!" She is quite the talker though, and very opinionated (like her sister and I.) She is in the sling most of the day, or carried; I'm actually finding I need to purposely set...
Meadow Anne will be five months on Nov 10th. CANNOT believe how time flies. These were taken in the last week or so.  
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