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Am I the only one still here? Lol ..   Baby didn't pick either of my EDDs- 5/31 or 6/2. So I am (going with the 6/2 EDD) officially a day "late".    I have my 40.5 week appt on Thursday. Midwife said she will talk about stripping at that point- as in consider offering it.   At 41.5 weeks I'll have to start the bio-physical ultrasounds. I'd like to avoid that- the extra trips and having to deal with the hospital.   I would rather not do any interventions,...
  Congrats! This is what my midwives tell me is 'average' gestation! Hoping I can go before then though  :/  Can't wait to read your birth story!
Officially 40 wks. Well, it's the first of my two EDDs- the other is on Sunday. But I'm calling 40! Eating my ripe pineapple this morning, sipping on some RRL/Nettle iced tea, swimming in the pond later, having some spicy food for lunch, and going to try (TRY!) to work some sex in sometime soon. We shall see! 
I have two due dates- one tomorrow, one Sunday. No sign of labor yet. Hoping to be on the "other side" of this pregnancy soon! Would love to go this weekend. Have to start bio-physical profiles every five days after 41.5 weeks. Would rather not have to do any of that! Have option of stripping membranes/ blue and black cohosh at next appt, then castor oil if I go a week more. Would really rather just let her come on her own! 
Lol don't feel bad! I'm happy when one of us gets to hold their babe!    Maybe complaining will do the trick for me  ;)  Hoping for Friday. 
No full moon babe for me- but I think you got yours! Lol. Congrats!   Due Friday and hoping she comes on/around then. Next midwife appt is Thursday and I'm hoping it's the last prenatal!    THREE DAYS!
I will be 40wks on Friday. Hoping to go soon! 
That's okay, I totally get it- or will, soon! 
We hiked up Mt. Wachusett today (the steep trail! like an endless Stairmaster from Hell!) and I was hoping it might encourage babe. I'm having some contractions, but nothing out of the ordinary. I was having some semi-regular last night too. Been eating 2 ripe pineapples  a week, tons of walking, squatting, etc. Might try sex tonight. We'll see   :/ Losing appetite, but nothing else digestive going on. 
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