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16 days til EDD. Hoping to go with full moon next weekend, though  :)  Still, 16 days doesn't seem that long!
  Love these so much! Makes me want to try to get a few more this weekend!
  The midwive's cocktail- reccomended to me (or allowed, I can't remember) by CNM w/ DD at 39+ weeks. It was the same measurement (maybe a tbsp?) vodka, castor oil, and orange juice. There is some discussion about whether this could send some babies into distress/cause them to release meconium in the sack, but I didn't have those complications. I will be avoiding it this time though in order to let baby come when she is ready (if at all possible).
I'm "only" 37.5 weeks and trying to be patient. Baby feels super comfy in there. I have everything "done" for the most part- bag is packed, co sleeper assembled, clothes/diapers organized, etc- and the house/car ALWAYS needs to be cleaned, so that won't go away  :)  I've been feeling from the beginning that she'll come around the weekend of the 25th- it's a full moon, I'll be 29 weeks, etc etc- so I'm hoping for that. It's not too far off. When I get too impatient I try...
As sucky as this sounds, it also sounds like your body is getting ready to rock!! Hang in there, momma- baby is coming soon  :)
Hope things speed up for you!
Congrats! How exciting! 
Happy Mother's Day to you all! I got some time to rest in bed this morning- finished my copy of Anne Lammott's "Help Thanks Wow"- got some awesome cards from DP + DD and a big box of chocolates (which I will be happily sharing lol)- and even got some one-on-one time with DP while DD watched Diego  Hoping maybe that helps bring labor about! But I've really come to such a peace about when she comes, and am not stressing it at all. I want her to come when she's good and...
37 weeks here! Baby is finally "good to go"- I couldn't birth at the birth center til 37 weeks. Tons of BH since last week, but nothing else. Baby probably still needs lots of time to grow. Feeling more and more "out of it", like a real pregnant person ... drinking tons, trying to eat more on recommendation of midwife but it's hard with so little room!! Weather has been beautiful but a couple days of high heat/humidity- that weather kicks my ass! Pretty much fully...
Checking in as well. At last appt I'd lost another lb and baby was measuring a bit small. After "only" 13 lbs total weight gain, midwife is advising me to gain weight. Have been going about it well- just not being strict about when/how much I eat anymore- but still being strict about quality. We'll see how that turns out.
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