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My LO is totally Velcro. I've had such a hard time this semester, it seems like as she has gotten older she wants me even more! She just turned 8 months and is crawling and starting to cruise. But, I totally empathize, her poor daddy. She fusses whenever he picks her up, it breaks my heart. :(
yes! A well written out birth plan makes all the difference    
At 22 I had a 100% natural hospital birth. my LO's father was like a guard dog, he didn't let anyone get near me in the delivery room, and everyone thought we were stupid hippies. I couldn't have done it without him :) I wish I had done it at home, I didn't educate myself about childbirth at all. I really didn't want to face my pregnancy at the time, I was really afraid. But when push came to shove (lol) I was right there in the moment and I knew what I wanted.  Next...
I definatly need to have a breastfeeding photo session soon :) This is the only picture I have
I moved across the country from my parents because I couldn't deal with the constant eye rolls and disrespect about my diet. In my case, It's not easy to just see family eating all these sweets and junk around me and constantly be offering it. I grew up with that stuff, and to be perfectly honest, I love it. But, I also love feeling good about what I eat and the food I eat now is delicious. Now I'm near a lot of extended family on my mom's side who think were dumb, but...
thanks! Your picture is what inspired me to customize the bucket :)    
Thanks!  Today I completed it. I added an infant toothbrush that looks like a banana, a little plastic watering can for bathtime, and some springtime themed baby bibs :)  I also customized it with her name. yay! Her name is Vida btw, silly mirror image. I think I will enjoy it more than her LOL.  
my LO is 8 mo. At first I was going to completely nix the holiday, but then it bummed me out and I realized I get a lot of joy from celebrating holidays with my daughter, even at this age. I also fear repercussions from my family and a whole pile of candy and plastic crap. So I am in the process of making her a basket. It's actually a shovel and bucket. It has 1 box of Earth's Best cookies, new organic baby bath, a loofah that looks like a duckie, and bubbles. I may add...
I didn't join MDC while I was pregnant, but I wanna be part of the August '10 thread and facebook page! My LO will be 8 mo on the 25th. She's been mastering crawling this last month, and Loves baby led weaning. She wants to eat everything. Still breastfeeding like crazy, and really restless nights lately. She has her bottom two teeth, so not sure if more are coming in or if she's just restless because of a growth spurt. Yay for August babies!
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