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 I assume you are doing purees? My DD stopped liking purees really quickly. 6.5 months was when we transitioned to BLW. Suddenly she was excited about solids again! Sure, she hardly got any of it into her mouth, but she really enjoys trying!
Exactly! We never had a baptism or christening, so it's The celebration    
LOL yeah prepare for the weird poops! DD doesn't ever seemed to be bothered by it.
Jenni- OMG those little lady bug sandwiches!  Personally, I have been dreaming about a 1st birthday since DD was born! I love throwing parties, baking cakes, showing off lol. Her birthday is late August, IN TEXAS, so I'm dreaming of an outdoor party, but I don't want the cake to melt! I was thinking of doing it in the evening outside.      I agree! We had quite a journey before birth, and it needs to be celebrated!! I am so excited, and it's only like...5 months away. LOL. 
I love MDC, wish there was a Love button!
Reading the thread about 1st birthday presents got me thinking. I have a huge family so a 1st birthday party is a must. I want it to be adorable and fun. What have other people done? What are you thinking of doing? Pictures a plus!
If your LO does walk and talk early, that will be wonderful, and you should be proud. But, I would try not to compare your future LO's milestones with your own. Our expectations of our children can have a powerful impact on our parenting.
Hey Mama, I feel your stress, my LO is really hard to get to sleep independently. She's 7 mo old now, I've noticed in the last month or two when I go away and leave her with her dad for more then an hour, she goes to sleep fine on her own. It's just when I'm around she KNOWS I'll keep her close, so she refuses to go down for me.  I used to work in childcare as a teen. Don't let what the daycare worker stress you out, it's going to be a big transition for your LO...
my DD got a rash behind her ears and on her neck after eating yogurt at 6.5 mo. I'm waiting to try it again, but may try coconut milk yogurt.
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