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I give my LO mushrooms (7 mo) she totally loves them. It's my understanding that the mushrooms sold in stores, as long as they are cooked, are super domesticated and homogenous. They typically don't have any properties that could upset the stomach like wild mushrooms can. Some people are sensitive to them though. What did her poop look like? Did it have big pieces of food in it? 
we are a family of 3. We are full time college students, with a 7 mo old. we spend about 500 dollars a month on food. We  buy organic milk. eggs, bacon and dairy but, mostly conventional veggies and fruits. Our grocery store often slashes prices on wild caught salmon when it's not fresh so we always check the seafood counter. The only other meat we eat besides bacon is grass fed beef from DP's family farm. I always have my eye out for a good deal. I go to the regular...
  I just tried this after reading, DD likes it! DD turns 1 in August but, I'm already thinking so much about her birthday! Thanks for some ideas.
I wanna win a Beco, my DP thinks highly of babywearing. The more structure and support a carrier has, the more likely he is to use it!
yeah I worry about that a lot too, it is so sad that our beaches don't really offer a safe alternative. For the record I would never take DD to the beach in Corpus Christi, the water here is super polluted by the refinaries and other gross things. When we go to the beach we go to the national seashore on Padre Island. I haven't taken her in the water there, but I did take her in the water in Hawaii.   
subbing   what does your bedtime routine consist of, also bedtime?  
your LO is still very young, you just need to be patient and give it time. In a month or two she may be taking long naps and not sleeping through the night at all, or some other toss-up of your current sleep schedule. I know it's frustrating, my DD was and still is a terrible napper and sleeper in general. I think sleep issues are the hardest part of early motherhood.
I wouldn't make yourself sick with speculation. Just follow the ped's advice.
You said you use a cast-iron pan, in case of pica, does that help with iron somehow? DD also eats paper and loves it. I try as hard as I can to keep it away, but I often find her quiet and happy, ripping apart paper and stuffing it in her mouth.  
ugh, I think MILs and regular old mothers, feel an urgent need when around LOs to show that they love them. But a lot of the time, were doing a perfect job caring for them and so MILs have to add random little ways to show their love. Baths, juice, new shoes, etc. Don't let it get to you. Let them do their thing while their around to do it. 
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