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I keep asking myself this same question, because we live in Texas, and it gets HOT. But DP is totally against it, he feels it's an unnecessary risk. I guess that just leaves trips to the beach..
hey Lydiah, I did a couch surfing road trip last summer ( while 7 months pregnant!) I totally agree with you, it's a great way to travel for cheap, and I think you really get to know what's happening in all the places you stay, people are usually really excited to have you, and want to show off their hometowns. I had such a good time, I bet you will too.  I'm not sure how your planning to meet people to surf with but http://www.couchsurfing.org is a really great...
my DD would only suck mine or DP's finger, it was literally our only defense against crying and the only way to get her to drift off to sleep, it was kind of exhausting. She stopped sucking on our fingers around 5mo when she started to get her first tooth, now she can never be soothed by a finger, and I kinda miss the old days, but after her tooth came through she also became a much better napper.
Hi, I'm fairly new to MDC, happy to join the tribe! Just wanted to share my birth story, maybe can help some other mamas.   When I first started prenatal care in Oregon my OB tested me for cannabis, I was honest with him, and decided to abstain for the rest of my pregnancy. The social worker for the clinic spoke to me about my cannabis use and informed me I would be reported to CPS. I had a great all natural birth, the L & D nurse let my DD latch on right after...
loved checking out this thread, It's good to know there are others like me and my LO's papa. :)
Man I know! This benefit to BFing needs to be promoted more widely! Like for example I saw a list of 10 things a women can do to prevent cancer in Prevention magazine, and I felt like BFing should have been on that list! Young women making a choice about BFing or bottle need to know about this.
I choose to cover based on my level of perceived breastfeeding support. Cool coffee shop around lots of other young people, no cover. With mother-in-law in her rural town at the local diner, then cover. 
wow, I totally wondered about that, because the Whole Foods store brand chlorine free diapers are white. The brown is totally a fashion statement! Thanks for the heads up.
    My LO is almost 7mos. She liked purees briefly but now won't touch them. She will however, throw a huge fit every time me or DH eats food in front of her. All she wants is tiny pieces of real food.     
man this thread is adorable! A couple more photos from the beach She loves sand. A friend with DD 
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