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I waited a semester before I went back to school. My DD was 5 months old when I started school again. I'm so glad I waited. at least with DD a little bit older I can catch snippets of studying time. As a newborn, bleh, I didn't have a moment to myself. 
my DD has been camping a couple of times since she was born. I have a really nice sleeping pad. It's lightweight and makes it easy to comfortably nurse. If it's cold out I bundle DD up in warm pajamas and a cap. I wear a warm thermal to bed and then I just unzip the sleeping bag and fold it over and her sleep next to me. When she was 0-3 mo I carried her in a moby wrap. I got DH a child carrier backpack from REI for his birthday :), and DD rode in that the last time we...
my LO is approaching 7 mo. She gets tiny bits of salmon and grass fed beef whenever we eat it (maybe once a week). I think the high iron and omega 3 content is really valuable to her development. I'm not sure if that's early, but whenever were eating meat she makes a huge fuss unless we give her some. I think an easy soft first animal protein is scrambled eggs.
Hi I've been a long time reader, I joined in January but haven't really made any posts. I'm a young mom, artist, and student to my 6 mo old DD. I love this website and frequently turn to these forums when trying to answer my many parenting questions. I'm Excited to join the conversation!
I love these pictures!! here's some of ours... . DH in Texas Brush Country      Spring time in the grass I need to sort through more pictures, but man I love this thread!
Hi,   I'm new to Corpus Christi, TX and need to find a doctor for my LO. She's 6 months old and previously went to a naturopathic ped, in Portland, OR. She's totally vax free. Does anyone have any suggestions? What should I expect when I go into the appointment? thanks!
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